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When was your baby born?


Bunbury births? Lock

Hi all! I'm currently 29 weeks and will be having bub at Bunbury regional hospital. I was ju...

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19 week old Lock

Bub only settles for naps and bed if I put him down?? No one else can put him down... Is this a n...

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Breeched baby and gestational diabetes Lock

Ok so I just need some advice as I don't have confidence in my OB, this is my second pregnan...

2 replies

I think its normal to be nervous about any operation, particularly if the first was an emergency and/or a traumatic experience (I kn...


Any babies born in Jan 2015? :) Lock

Hi everyone just seeing how many other bubs are born in Jan 2015 and just a place to chat about o...

3 replies

Heya. I have a group going for babies born then add Maree Bloggs in FB and i can add you

anthea b

Was your baby born on due date? Lock

Just curious how many bubs were born on their due date. i had bub a couple weeks ago spot on due ...

33 replies

Both of mine where born at 38+2


Any May 2005 babies? Lock

Just wondering if there's any bubs born in May 2005? DD was born 15 May 2005 [15/05/2005] Kerry

38 replies

We have a secret facebook page for May 2005 babies now if anyone is interested in joining us


Labour time Lock

Hi there, I am 31w4d along and was recently told by my midwife that the time of day or night in ...

2 replies

i think babies come when they are ready, although my son loved wriggling about in my tummy all hours of the night and i indeed had h...


Any June 2014 Babies?? Lock

Hi All, I have recently just rejoined Huggies forum & would love to chat to any other mums...

27 replies

Kel, You're moving to Tottenham yeh? We are quite a ways west from you, in Ivanhoe. We bought little Teddy, for Christmas, one...


December 2011 babies Lock

Well, thought we should get this topic started. A little late, but better than never. Hoping tha...

123 replies

My first baby was born on 1/23/13, we named him Charley! my blog;


starting kindergarten in NSW? Lock

My second son was born 10th june 2012. Whens the latest he could start school in nsw? If he turn...

6 replies

Great. I was worried about sending him too early. Great. Thanks so much. Xx


March 2014 Babies & Mummies Lock

Hi ladies and bubs. Thought I would start a thread for all our babies born in March. We can keep...

2 replies

Emma is 8 weeks 4 days now, and doing great. Loving being her mum she is just so cruisey


6 month old suddenly waking in the night Lock

Hi! Just wondering if any other mums are having issues with their babies suddenly starting to wa...

3 replies

Check out Wonder Weeks. You can get an app or the book. Clears up all these fussy stages. I find it keeps me from going mad lol.


September 2013 babies Lock

Hi there! Just wondering if there's any other September 2013 babies out there? I couldn'...

9 replies

my baby boy was born the 26.09.2013


Calling all mums whos baby was born in 2009 Lock

Just thought it would be interesting to see how many if any mums on huggies had a baby in 2009. ...

37 replies

oops I never saw this. I had my first DD in Feb 2009


Whats more accurate? LMP or due date? Lock

Hiya I'm due on 20 March (according to my lmp). The first scan said 17 March and the second sca...

5 replies

I just saw this post I'm due on 20 th of March also


When did your Third baby arrive? Lock

Hi Everyone! I am due for my third baby in 4 weeks (29 Dec - and I don't want the poor thin...

7 replies

my first came 2 days early, second came 5 days late, my third tried to come early three times 31wks, 34wks, 37wks then he came 3 day...


Meeting other mums Lock

Hi All I'm a mum to a gorgeous little one year old. I thought you all might be interested in...

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Babies from the "Due November 2011" thread Lock

Hi ladies, I suppose i'll start the thread by introducing my georgous baby girl. Amelia Julie, w...

329 replies

arrghh, i have no idea how to add you from email!! i tried a quick search on fb, but that would take way too long, if you want to a...


March 2013 Babies Lock

Hi I'm a first time Mum to my gorgeous boy Rylan who was born on 25th March 2013. Just wond...

3 replies

Congrates to you also on your wee boy! I have a girl


March/April 2013 Babies :D Lock

Hello mummies Just wondering how many other March/April babies are here. My DS (3rd child) was...

12 replies

Yay!! We have an answer for DS's slow weight gain, discomfort, excessive crying & green mucusy poo!! Test results show that...


July Babys Lock

Hi my little man was born on the 26th of July 2008 by c-section born 8 weeks early weighing 5pd1o...

8 replies

My bAby girl was born on the 11 july after 10 yrs betwen her and her brother


May 2013 Babies Lock

Hello ladies - Just wondering if there are any other May 2013 Babies here. I have a little Rain...

8 replies

Lol funnily enough I am clucky again but no we won't be having anymore. We had actually finished our family after our third but...


. Lock

Hi, Am looking for a mothers group to join when my first comes in October, in the WOLLONGONG re...

1 reply

I know one!!! At home!!!


What is the best way to induce labor naturally? Lock

What is the best way to induce labor naturally?

1 reply

Yep, babies come when they are good and ready. Nothing is surefire in bringing on labour. i tried everything known to man and was ...


Anyone here with babys born 2012?? Lock

I have a little girl born 3.5.12

26 replies

My Precious Daughter was born on 25/12/2012 - Christmas Day!! 3 Days Early... but the best christmas present ever!!!


Bubs from Due June 2012 thread <3 Lock

Seeing if anyone fell thru the cracks and didnt make it to our Huggies FB due June 2012 group aft...

2 replies

All the bubbas are doing great! So many milestones for them all. We have catch-ups depending on state/city and you are always welco...


Facebook Group Lock

Sorry...trying agin for September babies FB group!

2 replies

Are you wanting to be part of a fb group?? When was your baby born??


September 2012 babies Lock

Hi, just wondering if there are any other mums with babies born sept 2012 in the parramatta area?...

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May 2012 Babies Lock

Hello, Just wondering if there are any May babies out there and how's everyone doing with their ...

23 replies

hi may mummies.. my son was born 24th may 2012 he is 7 months preg with our other baby which is going to be a may baby aswel...

Mandy & Andrew

Prem Babies Lock

Anyone with a prem baby story of there birth and how there baby is going now. My Andrew was 4 we...

7 replies

Just bumping to get something off first page


Random q for tonight...20 weeks, 4.5 or 5 months? Lock

I always think of these random questions during the day and, once Master M has gone to bed, that'...

1 reply

I tend to go by weeks untill I loose track of where they're at and then switch to months lol


Christmas decoration Lock

Authentic Texans Jersey Debate raged in NFL sectors Texans Jersey relatively much three many y...

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Four weeks and three days prem Lock

Congrats I am glad everything went well for you and your breastfeeding is going well. My 3rd was...

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Congrats my DS was born at 35+5 about 3.5yrs ago n we were in hospy 5 days. Glad everything is going well xx


September 2011 Babies Lock

Hi My daughter Aleisha was born on the 10th September, she was 12 days early actually was mean...

65 replies

My girl is chatterbox!! Saying all sorts of things and is happy to try new words if you ask her! She's also just cut her 4th molar -...


Febuary 2012 Lock

Hi all my second born Skyla Rose was born 27th February 12.10am 8lb 2oz 51cm any other febuary ba...

18 replies

hi ladies just wondering how everyone's little ones are going especially with most 9 months old? Skyla now has 6 teeth fully throu...

Ben&Chloës Mama

babies born July 2012 Lock

Hi everyone Just wanted to know how all the mummies with babies born in July 2012 are going?

3 replies

everything seems to be going good so far. my son is 13 weeks and weighs 7.5 kgs! he has always been quite big though. when he was bo...


First babies coming late? Lock

I am currently 18 weeks pregnant and really want a natural birth including going into labour natu...

35 replies

My little girl (first child for me) came 3 weeks early! I had an easy pregnancy with no complications and I had my routine weekly vi...



due to some ppl being some ppl i have decided to take down the list....all of those headaches and...

1879 replies

Hello old thread. Miss you all