Scary times, by nikcarr33

My first experience of giving birth was definitely not what I had expected. After having no complications to date I had no alarming bells when I walked in at 38 weeks for my weekly check-up. As they checked my blood pressure they said it was rather high so they continued onto the urine test where they found protein, this then sent alarm bells for pre eclampsia. I was then admitted to hospital and told I was going to be induced, that night the gel did not bring on any action, so the following morning after being quite sick (vomiting) during the night, they broke my waters and put me on the drip. I was still quite sick and hooked up to monitors which meant I had to stay in bed. As the day went on I was still vomiting and my back pain became excruciating, and then at 3 pm I was still only 2cm dilated. I then felt I had been beaten and asked for epidural, as had not reacted well to gas or pethidine in the past. After the half an hour in which they gave me the epidural I was ready to push. After 2 hours of pushing, my little girl did not want to come out and her heart rate started to rise. The on call doctor was called in where he used the suction cap to help Lilly come out. She finally decided to enter the world and needed a little oxygen to help her get going, and I finally got to hold her in my arms.

But this is when it started to really get scary, after 5 minutes I started to feel very faint, and said I couldn’t hold onto Lilly as my placenta was stuck and watching the doctor pull it out in pieces and looking at the shocked faces around the room, I knew my night was not over. I had to be rushed up to theatre to have the placenta surgically removed.

After leaving my baby and partner I was still feeling contractions and as the theatre nurses were called in and very much used to people being asleep they were asking me to get on the table during a contraction, and were not very nice about it. After an anaesthetist told them what was happening, they waited. During this time my heart start to beat very fast and they said that as I was losing so much blood, hormones were being sent to my heart causing more problems. Finally I was told it was over and that I had lost 2.5 litres of blood and had to stay in ICU for two days and have blood transfusion. After a long night I woke up in the morning and could not see and was told that I had burst a retina whilst I was pushing.

But after scaring my partner, I recovered quite well and we have a beautiful little girl. We had more problems in hospital but that’s a story for another day. All I can be grateful for is that she was okay.