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Christening the new car, by Jennahdee

Well, after having 2 kids already I thought I knew what to expect. Both previous girls were born in the 39th week, so as I approached my 39th week this time, I was ready to go.

As I reached 39+3 I was ready to start trying all natural induction methods. First we tried sex; nothing. Then I tried walking, red wine, raspberry tea and pineapple. Still nothing! On the Monday, I tried acupuncture for the first time ever as I’m very afraid of needles. Looking back now I can’t believe I paid someone to stick needles in me :/

Anyway nothing worked, so by Wednesday I started thinking ahead to my 40wk app on the Friday. I called the midwife to discuss what would happen and she asked if I wanted to try a ‘sweep’. After she explained what it was I googled it and decided that if I made it to the Friday I would get a sweep done and surely the baby would come.

On Friday at exactly 40wks I saw my midwife to get my sweep done and go over my birth plan. My birth plan was very simple. NO drugs, dim lighting and I wanted my partner to be the first to touch her and bring her up to my chest. As I was leaving, my midwife explained the benefits of sperm and recommended I have sex straight away while the cervix was irritated. This made me feel very uncomfortable as I felt like a beached dugong. BUT I did it because I was scared it would never happen on its own. Afterwards I just lay in bed and ended up falling asleep. I woke at 6pm on Friday night to a beautiful home cooked meal by my mum who I’d asked to come and stay, as I knew there was a high possibility the sweep would work and we needed her to watch the kids for us.

At about 10pm I needed to go to the toilet and thankfully I did. I was getting Braxton hicks. I thought if I went to bed and they stopped I could at least get a good night sleep if labour was still coming. This was about 10.30pm.

At 1.45am I woke up feeling like I had period pains. I knew this was a good sign and being so excited I couldn’t go back to sleep. I took my pillow to the lounge while everyone else was still asleep. I accidentally woke up DP and just told him I was having mild pains so I was gonna go to the lounge and time them to see if they were real or not. Apparently that’s the worst thing to tell a daddy-to-be. He swears he never fell back asleep, LOL.

I started timing my ‘Braxton hicks’ to see if this was the onset of labour. I timed for 2 hours but kept dozing off on the couch. My phone was going flat so I went to get an extension cord which woke my mum. She pretty much told me that at 13mins apart we were probably in for a long day and to wake her once they became stronger. At this stage I could still doze between them and even when a contraction was at full strength I could still move, walk and talk so to me they were still Braxton hicks.

At 5am I called the hospital to see if they had any words of wisdom and to check my midwife would be ready. The lady pretty much told me that I should know what to do since it was my 3rd child and to stay home til they were at least 5mins apart and painful enough to stop me in my tracks. She also told me that it was way too early in the morning to call my midwife and wake her ‘for no reason’.

I was so frustrated timing them on my own and not knowing what was happening I thought I would wake up DP and mum and see what they thought. Well we all knew it was coming but was it hours or days away. I sent DP for a shower and then had one myself. I was in the shower when they started coming every 3-6-4-5 mins apart. It was 6am now so I thought I would risk it and call my midwife. I told her they were still not as painful as I was expecting and very irregular but that we were going to head to the hospital soon because I wanted DP to be able to deliver our daughter and I didn’t want my kids to wake up and see me once they were really painful. She said she would have a shower and meet us at the hospital so we were to meet there in about an hour’s time.

I finished getting dressed and trying to decide what to wear. Yes, even at this stage they were not painful enough to stop me worrying about what to wear, or if I had everything packed. Within minutes of walking around like a headless chook I felt something wet on my underwear. I thought I better check before we left just in case. The car was running and DP was trying to get me to hurry as the kids were due to wake up. When I wiped there was blood and in an instant I knew this baby was coming, even though the contractions were irregular and I could still walk and talk through them.

I called my midwife and told her we were leaving soon and that there was blood. She realised then at 6.15am that there wasn’t time for a shower and she said she was leaving straight away. We didn’t actually leave the house til 6.35am as I was in denial because I wasn’t in pain like I thought I should be and I was scared the hospital would send me home.

In the car I looked at the clock and it was 6.37am and I said to DP that “this baby is going be here by 8am”. No sooner had I said those words when my body started to dilate and I felt my pelvis start widening. We hit a red light as my first big contraction came, so I screamed if it was safe, just run it and start flashing your lights.

We sped our way down the highway, flashing cars to move as this baby was coming fast now. We reached the exit in under 5mins and with me still giving directions. I felt a huge urge to push as we exited, but I didn’t let myself push and instead I felt a huge gush as my waters broke. It was the weirdest but most amazing feeling ever.

As soon as DP realized what happened he sped even faster and mounted the curb in front of the hospitals main doors. I screamed to go get help as I could feel her head already coming. DP ran inside as I tried to take off my clothes and feel for her head. I remember looking around and seeing some random guy looking at me and I could not give a rats ass at this stage. I could feel the top of her head as DP and another man came to help. DP climbed in the backseat and finally got my seat back enough for me to lean back. I felt a huge push coming and knew this was it as I could feel her shifting inside me. I remember hearing a trolley and as I pushed I felt another pair of hands move my hands and remove my pants as I felt my little girl wriggle out into the world :D

She was placed straight on my chest and I remember thinking she was tiny and grey. She was not crying yet so the lady (midwife I assumed) told me to rub her and blow in her face. We did this for a few minutes while I couldn’t stop smiling and laughing at what just happened.

I then had to get out of the car to transfer inside for the delivery of the placenta. Once inside I had to transfer from the trolley to the bed all while bub was still attached. Some stupid lady tripped on the trolley brake and nearly sent us crashing in between both beds but then to make up for it she grabbed my baby and went to walk away so I could transfer to the other bed. Um my baby was still attached to me and was only minutes old. Boy did I lose it!!!

Anyway within minutes I had delivered the placenta and received the excellent news that I only had a small tear and that I would NOT need stitches. Yay!!!!! It was only then that we actually thought to check if we did indeed have a baby girl :D Yes we did!!!! Our beautiful Temprance was born at 6.45am after 8mins of active labour and 30mins of labour in total :)

We discharged from hospital after 7hrs to return home to our other beautiful girls!