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An unexpected home birth by Janet

My second child, Julian, was born 6 weeks ago in a very unexpected home delivery!

My waters broke at 11pm at night but I had no contractions. I rang the hospital, who said to come in the morning unless I had contractions that were strong enough to warrant coming in. At midnight the contractions started, but they were so mild and spaced well apart. I thought there would be plenty of time (my daughter took 12 hours). I told my husband Adam to go to bed.

At 1:30pm the contractions suddenly got very fast and intense. I woke Adam and told him to call his parents to come and look after our daughter (they live 5 minutes drive away). Adam went outside to wait for them. I felt the need to go to the bathroom and while in there I felt Julian’s head crowning! I screamed for Adam and told him to ring the ambulance. I slid onto towels on the carpet in front of the bathroom and Adam (on the phone with an ambulance man) helped me to deliver Julian then and there – in only 4 pushes he was out and Adam caught him!

The funniest thing was, Julian was born just outside my daughter Claire’s room and her door was open, but she slept through the entire commotion and did not wake up until 8:30am the next day! My husband is very proud of his midwifery skills (no stitches!) and is the local celebrity!