Here's a list of french names.

French baby names

names with origin: french

Gender Name List Origin
girl Shantay French
girl Shari French
girl Sharita French
girl Sharlene French, English
unisex Shelley French, English, Old English
girl Shelly French
girl Sher French
girl Sherice French
girl Sherry French
girl Sheryl French
girl Sibyla French
girl Sidonie French, Hebrew
girl Sigourney French
girl Silana French
boy Silvestre French
girl Simona Spanish, French, Hebrew
girl Simone French
girl Simoni Spanish, French, Hebrew
boy Sinclair Latin, French, English, Scottish
boy Sinjin French, English
boy Sinjon French
girl Slainie French
girl Slania French
girl Slanie French
girl Solaina French
girl Solaine French
girl Solana Spanish, French
girl Solange French
girl Soleil French
boy Somer French
boy Somerville French
girl Sommer French
boy Sorel French
boy Soren French
boy Sorrell French
girl Stefania Greek, French
girl Stelle French
boy Stephan French
girl Stephania Greek, French
girl Stephanie French
boy Sumner French, English
girl Susanne French
girl Suzanne French, German
girl Suzy French, English
girl Sydnee French, English
unisex Sydney French, English
girl Symona Spanish, French, Hebrew
girl Symone French
boy Taillefer French
boy Talbot French, English, Old German, Old French
boy Talehot French
girl Tallis French
boy Talon French, English
girl Tayce French
girl Taylar French, English
unisex Taylor French, English, Middle English
boy Telfer French
boy Telfor French
boy Telford French
boy Telfour French
girl Tempest French, English
girl Therese French
girl Tiffanie French, English
girl Tiffany Greek, French
unisex Tiffney French, English
girl Tilda French, Teutonic
girl Tilde French, Teutonic
girl Tilly French
unisex Tracey French, Anglo Saxon
boy Travers French
boy Travis French, English
boy Treves French
girl Trinetta French
girl Trinette French
boy Tristan Latin, French, English, Old Welsh
boy Troilus French
unisex Troy French, English
boy Troyes French
boy Turner French, English, Middle English
boy Tyeis French
boy Tyson French, English
boy Vachel French
girl Vafara French
unisex Vail Latin, French, English, Old French
girl Valera Latin, French, English
girl Valeraine French
girl Valere Latin, French, English
boy Valiant French, English
boy Vallis French
boy Vallois French
boy Vardan French
boy Vardon French, Celtic
boy Varney French, Celtic
boy Vayle French, English
girl Vedetta French
girl Vedette French
boy Verddun French
boy Verdell French
boy Vere French
boy Verel French