Baby sun care

Taking great care of bubs skin in the sun is one of the best ways to prevent skin cancer later in life especially when you consider that Australia has the world’s highest rate of skin cancer.

Did you know that exposure to the sun in the first 15 years of life increases the chance of developing skin cancer later in life?

Fortunately these risks can be greatly reduced by including a baby sun care routine into your day. You will also be giving bub a lifelong lesson in taking good care of their skin.

Why is it so important to protect bub from the sun?

Babies have beautiful, smooth and very sensitive skin. They are very sensitive to the harmful UV rays from the sun and can burn very quickly and easily so it’s important to take extra care and build a baby sun care routine into your day. For more info take a look at the facts of skin protection.

Baby sun care everyday

It's important to protect bub's skin everyday no matter what the season - even on cloudy days sun damage can occur. It's easy to be sun smart with bub. Start with protective clothing with long sleeves that cover up bub's skin. Next add a hat with a wide brim for maximum protection. Finally, add some suncreen to any areas of exposed skin, such has little hands and faces.

You may have thought that sunglasses on babies were a cool look - and they are, fortunately they also protect bubs eyes from sun damage. Hats with a wide brim can also protect babies and children from sun damage to their eyes. Take a look at our children's sunglasses page for more info.

For more info on protecting your little ones from the sun, take a look at our tips for protecting children from the sun. or visit a Cancer Council site.

We have baby sun care experts who have answered many questions about sun care for babies so feel free to look over their answers and learn what you can do to best protect your family.

For more information see Baby skincare or Baby Care.

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