Essential children’s furniture

When your little one makes the transition from the nursery to the bedroom the essential piece of furniture they need is a bed. However, you will usually need to invest in some other key pieces of furniture for their bedroom over the next couple of years.

Remember, your little one has simple needs and you definitely don’t need to spend lots of money on these items. You will often be able to find them on sale, or purchase certain items second hand. It is important to make sure the furniture you do get is safe and secure in their room.


Child's BedThe ‘big bed’ is an essential piece of furniture in your children’s bedroom. While toddler beds are a big trend, remember your little one will outgrow it quickly. You may find it easier to purchase a regular sized single bed for them. Invest in a good quality innerspring mattress as it provides the correct support for your child’s growing body.

Bed sheets

It’s a good idea to ensure that your little one’s mattress has a solid mattress protector to help avoid any dust build up. It is also essential that you have at least 2 sets of bed linen. This means that you’ll always have a spare set if your little one has an accident at night-time.

Chest of DrawersChoose good quality bed sheets with a high thread count. These will last a great deal longer and withstand any spills or accidents as well.

Chest of drawers

As your little one grows so does the size of their clothes. Make sure you choose a chest of drawers that can accommodate longer items such as trousers and bulky items like tracksuit tops and jumpers.

It’s also very important to ensure that your chest of drawers is safely secured against a wall. You may need to purchase straps to ensure that if drawers are opened that it can’t fall against you or your child.


ShelvesA set of shelves is an essential piece of children’s furniture. They can be used to store books and their favourite toys. It’s also a great spot to showcase any art or craft activities they may have done recently. You can usually source these at a reasonable price at larger stores such as IKEA.

Get some bookends so you can store their books safely and wipe the shelves down regularly to minimise any build up of dust.