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How to Toilet Train a Toddler

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Once you feel your child is ready to begin toilet training, it’s time to take action.

The information here explains what you need to think about when you begin introducing your child to using the toilet. Here are some things you should think about when beginning to toilet train your child.

  • The difference between toilet training boys and girls
  • How do children with special needs differ?
  • What happens at childcare?
  • Discover the secrets to teaching wiping and hand washing when toilet training your toddler
  • Teaching children wiping and hand Washing
  • The best way to use praise and rewards
  • Try Nappy-Pants for toilet training

Toilet Training Boys vs Girls

Is toilet training a boy easier than toilet training a girl? Everything you must know about toilet training a boy as opposed to a girl and vice versa is available here. Discover how to approach toilet training different genders.

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Children with Special Needs

Toilet training may already be difficult enough, so teaching children with disabilities to go to the toilet can be quite stressful. Make sure you do some research for tips and advice on how to approach toilet training children with special needs.


Is your toddler often in someone else’s hands? If you can’t find the time to always be with them due to other commitments, you need to make sure those responsible for caring for your toddler know what to do when it comes to toilet training. Here’s some great advice on toilet training and childcare.

Wiping and Hand Washing

Instill good habits by teaching your toddler how to properly wipe themselves and wash their hands after using the toilet. Discover the secrets to teaching wiping and hand washing during toilet training for your little one.

Praise and Rewards

Encourage your toddler’s learning by praising their efforts in toilet training. Rewards like stickers, snacks and special toys to play with while they’re on the potty are all great ways to foster their progress and reassure them if they regress a little bit. Toilet training praise and rewards will boost your toddler’s interest in learning how to use the toilet.

For some quick and handy insights into toilet training, read up on some of our quick toilet training tips.