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Avatar ashrose
Toilet training seems to not be clicking with our nearly 3 year old boy

We have been toilet training our nearly 3 year old boy for 9-10 months and he still doesn't have the slightest bit of interest in going to the toilet. He will go wees if we take him and put him on the toilet but won't tell us if he needs to go, he will just go in his pants. I really don't know what to do. I know for sure we started too soon, but got pressured into it by family/friends who said he was ready. But I feel like we can't resort to putting in back into nappies full time(he's in undies full time apart from sleep). I would really appreciate your advice.

Jane ...
Answer: Hi, With summer and the warmer weather coming he may improve simply as a result of having less layers to deal with. Toilet training is highly individual to every child and is based around nervous system development and practice. He may well just not be ready but I agree with you that putting him back in nappies after all this time probably isn't wise. You're just going to keep on going. Role model what's involved and just be very matter of fact about it all. The novelty for him may long have worn off so take him to the toilet with you every couple of hours and praise him when he does use the toilet. For him it's undoubtedly not an issue, if it was and he could do something about it then he's likely to be more interested and motivated than he is. Some kids just take longer; particularly boys and in the big scheme of things it's not a big deal-he'll get there but try not to get stressed about it. Best Jane
Answered: 21 Aug 2014