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  4. my 3 year old just wont go to the toilet
Avatar Rache...
my 3 year old just wont go to the toilet

he wont nappy on insted of going to the toilet

Jane ...
Answer: Hello, Have you checked the toilet training information on the Huggies website? There's lots of very comprehensive and great information about this https://www.huggies.com.au/toddler/toilet-training/age/. When you say he wants a nappy on do you mean all the time or just for using his bowels? Without knowing more information about what he's doing I'm sorry that I can't offer you more specific information. Signs of readiness to start toilet training vary between individual children but generally, if they can hold on for a few hours, are waking up dry from a sleep, can recognize when they are wet or dirty and showing interest in toilet training then these are positive signals to start. Check the Huggies website for more specific information. Best Jane
Answered: 10 Aug 2014