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Bedding for a toddler bed

I'm about to put my 15 month old into a toddler bed rather than a cot. Obviously she won't be able to use a sleeping bag anymore. What bedding (particularly blankets/pillow/doona) is appropriate for this age in a toddler bed?

Jane ...
Answer: Hi, Standard bed linen is fine, sheets, blankets etc however, check the www.sidsandkids.org website for specifics. http://www.sidsandkids.org/safe-sleeping/cot-to-bed-safety/ Make sure you use a bedrail on her bed so that she's safer from falling. At 15 months she's young to go into a toddler bed and you may find it a challenge to encourage her to stay there. But then again, she may be fine, it really depends on the individual child. Alos make sure the environment around the bed and in the room are safe; she's going to be more mobile and less "contained" so it's important to make sure that what she can access won't compromise her safety. Cheers Jane
Answered: 31 Jul 2014