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Avatar Mtrue...
Recommended fluid intake for a 2 year old?

How much fluid should my 2 year old be having per day? He's really good at drinking at the moment and is asking for water constantly which is great, but I'm finding it often results in nappy leakage overnight. I want to encourage this healthy habit but am really over the wet PJs and bedding every morning!

Jane ...
Answer: Him There is no prescriptive amount of water which toddlers should drink each day; there's just too many variables. But the general recommendations are that water needs to be available at all times and that it shouldn't take the place of three cups of full cream milk each day. If you think he is drinking excessively eg waking up through the night and has an insatiable thirst then this warrants a doctor's check and a urine test. Have you tried putting two disposables on him overnight? Or another tip which can work is to adhere a sanitary pad inside the nappy so there's extra absorbency. Or you could try using some adult incontinence pads and see is these help. Some parents try to restrict their toddler's fluids from around 6 pm onwards and this can also help with leakage. Or only offer sips of water rather than any large volume. Best Jane
Answered: 26 Jul 2014