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Avatar babym...
My 6 month old is losing weight

Hi I think my bub is sleeping to much shesleeps 12 hours or more I dont like waking her as she doesnt like going back to sleep if we wake her but we have noticed she is losing weight does that mean shes not eating enough?

Jane ...
Answer: Hi, Without knowing more about your baby's weight and growth pattern and her feeding history, I'm only able to offer you general advice. But at six months she should have doubled her birth weight and be gaining around 100-150 grams per week from 3-6 months of age and around 70-90 grams/week from 6-12 months of age. Her genetic influences will also impact on her weight gain and her feeding frequency and the volumes she's getting as well. Also if she is breast or bottle feeding and if you have introduced solids yet? I urge you to take her to your GP and/or GP to have her weight and growth measured and plotted on percentile (growth) charts to see how she is going. Best Jane
Answered: 10 Jun 2014