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Avatar Charl...
When is a good time to ween my child off the bottle?

He is 21 months. He only has a bottle first thing when he wakes up and when he goes to bed.

Jane ...
Answer: Hi, This is a good question. Ideally bottles are ceased from around 12 months of age and the child introduced to a cup so they learn what's involved in drinking rather than sucking. Tooth decay is minimised by stopping bottles and the oral muscles need to learn how to talk and say words rather than what can happen when the sucking action is delayed. Having said that, two bottles a day is unlikely to cause issues or problems with development, it's more about his association of having the bottle and going to sleep at night without it. You could stop them altogether or one at a time, your choice. But overall, it would be in his best interests if you stopped them. Bear in mind it make take a couple of weeks before he learns that milk can come from a cup rather than a bottle so you may need to just be patient and consistent about this. Best Jane
Answered: 10 May 2014