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Avatar Annlo...
How do you train a 22month old to fall asleep on his own at night?

My 22month old needs a little independence. He always needs me at night to fall asleep. He has his own thomas the engine bed in our room as we are still renovating our house. I still lay in bed with him at night for hours for him to fall asleep. He won't stay in his bed and if i leave he will cry and try to get out the room. How do I train him to fall asleep on his own? at day time he is good and he goes to day care 3 days a week so I know he can fall aseep without me.

Jane ...
Answer: Hi, Have you read up on the toddler sleep and settling information on the Huggies site? This provides very comprehensive and great information on exactly the situation you're describing. I suggest that you firstly move his bed out of your room; make your own mind up about how this will work for you but you're likely to find it more difficult to change his sleep associations if he can still see you and he's in your room. And you need to stop lying down with him and encourage him to go to sleep on his own. There will undoubtedly be lots of protests and crying but unless you change what you're doing first then he won't learn how to settle himself. And the other issue is that if you place gates in the doorway of his room so that he can see out but not physically get out of the room this may also help. Essentially, if you change what your doing, make sure he's having a regular pre-bed wind down and settling routine and you are clear with him then things will improve. But you'll need to be patient and calm and very consistent over the couple of weeks (or less) that it takes him to learn to go to sleep without you helping him so much. Best Jane
Answered: 04 May 2014