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Avatar North...
just needing to know how to stop a 2 year old biter.

i have done everything from time out to biting back.. biting back worked the first time for 3 months now back to biting...i even explain that biting hurts people and is very naughty the only thing that is ok to bite is food.

Jane ...
Answer: Hi, Biting back, as you've found tends not to work. The child can't understand that it's not OK for them to bite but somehow the parent gets to do it and we now know better about how to manage children's oppositional behaviour. Praise and responding to him when he's behaving well will make an enormous difference. So will your explanations of what's OK to bite into and what's not. The other issue is that at 2 yoa he is still learning what constitutes appropriate social behaviour and how to treat and respond to other people, your role modelling and responses will reinforce to him what's reasonable and what's not. He's not being deliberately naughty; he's probably just like any other normal evolving two year old and his current behaviour is not a snapshot of how he's going to be forever more. Try to ignore what doesn't matter with his behaviour and when you feel he's being deliberately attention seeking. You may need to try and keep him away from other children for a while until his biting has stopped but I appreciate this may be very difficult. And importantly, "catch him" when he's being gentle and kind with others and tell him how wonderful he is. Praise will do more to reinforce his positive behaviour than any amount of discipline when he's being naughty. Best Jane
Answered: 22 Apr 2014