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Avatar Ralph_34
Vitamins for 19month old?

I have a 19month old that started preschool about 4months ago, he is constantly sick with coughs colds etc. He is also a picky eater lives of cereals and fruit, no meat or veg. Wondering if vitamins would be of any benefit?

Jane ...
Answer: They may be, but if you are concerned that he is nutrient deficient, then perhaps he needs blood tests to correctly diagnose this, or a consultation with a paediatric dietician. Lots of toddlers are picky eaters - this is part and parcel of their overall development. But if he is having too much milk eg. more than 6oomls a day and filling up on water as well, then this will impact on his appetite for real food. Multivitamins are only partially effective because they don't contain all the other micronutrients which real food does and they don't address the real issue of why the child isn't eating much. Though sometimes this is purely age related rather than anything else. Coughs, colds and viruses do feature more in very young children, but this is more to do with their immune system being immature and being exposed for the first time to many viruses which they eventually become immune to. Just be mindful that without meat his iron and Vit B 12 intakes may be low, so a consult with your GP may be useful. Best Jane Jane
Answered: 05 Jul 2013