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My 17 month old goes crazy if I do dishes!

My 17month old goes crazy if i do dishes! having the tap on makes him go into a psychotic crying/screaming fit! He even poos. He is fine with the bath tap on though. Please help me, i`m losing my mind, it happens every day and i`m going crazy.

Answer: Hi, Oh dear, that certainly does pose a challenge for you (although I would see that as a wonderful excuse never to do dishes!!!). Since your son does not appear to be afraid of the water or the sound of the tap (because he is fine with the bath) then it is probably a learned behaviour which needs to be “unlearned”. For a few weeks, only do the dishes when he is asleep or somewhere else. After some time, you might be able to set him up to play/read in a different room and when he’s absorbed in his activity, slowly start the sink and dishes then. It may be that he wants your attention more often, so give it to him at times when he is doing what you want. Eventually you will be able to include him in the kitchen tasks too. He could start by washing his own cup and plate! All the Best! Sally-Anne
Answered: 22 Dec 2007