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My 1 year old who is really really clingy

Hi sally, i have a problem with my 1 year old who is really really clingy and nothing i do seems to help or teach him that mummy can`t pick you up all the time, i just cant understand what i can do to make him happy, its like his cranky all day. is there something i should be doing or not doing? also he wont even let my husband pick him up anymore he just screams for me, what do i do?

Answer: Hi, It is wonderful that your child loves you so much and feels safe with you, but it sounds like you feel it is a bit excessive at the moment. Perhaps you could discuss your concerns with your doctor first (eg. does he have colic and need soothing? Is he teething and in a little pain?). Have there been any changes in your house recently? People staying? Death of a pet? A scary experience? If not, then he may be wanting more security and attention. Give him lots of kisses, cuddles and reassurance when it is convenient for you. Take note of how you react when he screams when your husband picks him up? Do you stand over his shoulder? Are you calling out? When he cries and wants to be picked up, bend down to his level and give him a cuddle and some reassurance. Then let him know what you are doing now (eg. going into the kitchen) and tell him that he can call out to you or follow you. Good luck! All the Best, Sally-Anne
Answered: 08 Dec 2007