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Started Kindy and wetting pants

My daughter has just turned three and started kindy. She was easily toilet trained and we have had no problems with her while out, at home-based care and in our own home but since she started at kindy she has frequently wetting her pants. The teachers and I have tried to get her near the toilets but she refuses.
Not sure where to go from here.......

Jane ...
Answer: Just be calm and reassuring with her, with time and repetition she's likely to just evolve out of this. In the meantime, make sure she can access the toilet easily when at kindy, knows where it is and all the basics like this are covered. Speak with the teachers and see if regular reminders including taking her would help. Speak with her about there being lots of different kinds of toilets but they all serve the same purpose. Avoid limiting her fluids, the more she goes the better this will be. Often, all it takes is a couple of times when they successfully use the kindy toilet and the child's fine. Perhaps too, she's just getting really busy and preoccupied and by the time she has to empty her bladder it's too late. This is likely to just improved with time and exposure, she's not being naughty, it's all so new and she's only three. Cheers Jane
Answered: 28 Nov 2012