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  • Istock_000004102463small

    Apple Custard

    A great tasting treat thats sweet but healthy for your little one. Add in sultanas blended for that something extra special!

    Age: baby Duration: medium

    baby care, picky eaters

  • Istock_000001844743small

    Apricot Chicken

    A nice addition of meat to your little ones diet, but blended with other nutritional goodies make this a dinnertime favourite.

    Age: Duration: medium

    baby care, picky eaters

  • Istock_000008839909small

    Chicken and Creamed Corn with Cous Cous

    A nice introduction of meats to the diet, this yummy meal will be a delight for the little ones!

    Age: baby Duration: long

    baby care, picky eaters

  • Istock_000007542427small

    Chicken Risotto

    A great meal that can be made earlier and frozen for later use. A nice introduction to meats this dish can be, add in other veggies for more variation such as broccoli and pumpkin!

    Age: baby Duration: long

    baby care, picky eaters

  • Istock_000007140542small

    Creme of Fruits

    This recipe for baked creme of fruits is absolutely delicious! Not only nutritionally beneficial its yummy for your little one.

    Age: baby Duration: medium

    baby care, breakfast cereals, early nutrition, picky eaters

  • Istock_000003436877small

    Homemade Jelly

    As a treat my baby Emily loves home made jelly – and its so easy to make. I know exactly what’s in it, no added sugar and very cheap to make. Still gets a bit messy though!!!

    Age: Duration: long

    baby care, picky eaters

  • Istock_000001765434small

    Super Fruity Jelly

    The kids can help make these, create their own fruit mixes, which will encourage them to eat them up at the end!

    Age: Duration: short

    baby care, picky eaters

  • Photo_april_151-huggies-recipe-of-the-month-competition

    Papaya banana and pear puree

    Entice fussy eaters with this colourful combination. A spoonful of vanilla yoghurt will help the medicine go down! For infants who start solids prior to 6 months old, cooking fruits is really a good idea. Cooking fruits breaks them down and makes them easier for bub to digest.

    Age: baby Duration: short

    baby care, early nutrition, getting started, picky eaters

  • Cheesy-biscuits

    Cheesy biscuits

    These biscuits are super simple and your little one can help you roll the dough and cut out biscuit shapes. Special thanks to Huggies mum Dawn for this fab recipe!

    Age: toddler Duration: short

    snack, picky eaters, toddler, lunch box, kids party food