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Other recipes tagged "Parenting"

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    Bolognaise Sauce

    A mouthwatering sauce to add to any sort of pasta for the kids! Great for the adults too, freeze for later or serve while it is nice and warm!

    Age: Duration: medium


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    Carrot Pumpkin Risotto

    Carrot, pumpkin risotto is a fantastic recipe that can be adapted to any veggies that is in the fridge. This makes a great meal for the whole family and any vegies can be used. Also it freezes very well.

    Age: Duration: long


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    Cheats Chicken Fast Fish

    Great easy meal prepare earlier on and freeze or leave in pot for dinner later on! Add any variation of veggies in season for a great mix.

    Age: Duration: long

    parenting, healthy lifestyle tips, weight loss, quick healthy food

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    Chicken and Veg Mix

    Nice chicken and veggie mix that is great for the kids and adults too! You can blend and add herbs and spices to meet the tastes of every age group.

    Age: Duration: medium

    parenting, healthy lifestyle tips

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    Pumpkin Lasagne

    This pumpkin lasagne is a delicious savoy dish with the sweetness of the pumpkin the kids will be asking for seconds!

    Age: child Duration: long


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    Salmon Avocado Pasta

    Add some simple super-foods, like salmon and avocado to pasta, and you’ve got a healthy taste sensation that is packed with Omega-3 essential fatty acids (the good fats!).

    Age: Duration: short

    parenting, essential fatty acids, conception

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    Sheppard's Pie

    Sheppard’s pie recipe can be a favourite for the whole family with the beef for iron intake and the fluffy mash on top, add a salad fro a great family meal too!

    Age: Duration: long


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    Spaghetti Bolognaise

    A great way of getting a variety of vegetables into the day! Add any type of pasta for a great meal for the kids and family.

    Age: Duration: medium


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    Vegetable and Bacon Pasta

    A delicious way to get the veggies into the kids, and have a colourful dish! this is a quick , easy, nutritious and yummy meal for the whole family as well.

    Age: Duration: long


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    Vegetable Frittata

    This is a great meal for lunch or dinner. Toddlers will love the colours and different textures in the meal, add salad and the whole family can enjoy it as a meal.

    Age: Duration: medium