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Other recipes tagged "Nutrition"

  • Chicken-burghul-salad

    Chicken & Burghul Salad

    Burghul, also know as bulghur wheat, is a Middle Eastern cracked wheat full of B vitamins and high in fibre and other nutrients. Most often served as a side dish, burghul has a light texture and a delicious nutty flavour.

    Age: parent Duration: medium

    nutrition, pregnancy, diabetes, protein

  • Shepherdspie

    Mexican Style Shepherds Pie

    This is a great dish for pregnant and breast feeding Mums especially if your weight or gestational diabetes is an issue for you. Not only is it low GI, and lower calorie, its jam packed with all important nutrients. This dish serves as a great comfort food without making you feel bloated afterwards. Michelle.

    Age: parent Duration: medium

    nutrition, pregnancy, parenting, diabetes

  • 4-1516_beef_casserole_and_dumplings

    Beef casserole and dumplings

    A fantastic healthy dinner that can be done on the stove or in a slow cooker.

    Age: Duration: medium

    nutrition, parenting, iron, toddler, protein

  • 4-1511_lamb_veggy_roast_with_potato_wedges

    Lamb and veggie roast with potato wedges

    The whole family will love this hearty roast. With options for babies, toddlers and even the grown-ups, it’s sure to become a fast favourite.

    Age: Duration: medium

    nutrition, parenting, iron, protein

  • 4-1497_beef_tomato_and_sweet_potato_stew

    Beef, tomato and sweet potato stew

    This hearty stew includes loads of veggies and is rich in fibre, protein and other good things for bub.

    Age: baby Duration: short

    nutrition, baby care, iron, protein

  • 5160_fruitybeefstew

    Fruity beef stew

    A hearty beef stew with a fruity twist.

    Age: baby Duration: long

    nutrition, baby care, protein

  • 3739scr

    Lamb meatballs with mint jelly sauce

    A protein-rich meal the kids are guaranteed to love. To adapt for baby, simply blend 2 meatballs with boiled water.

    Age: baby Duration: medium

    nutrition, baby care, protein

  • 4-1526_barbecued_steak_with_a_potato_asparagus_salad

    Barbecued steak with a potato & asparagus salad

    This delicious dish contains 5 essential nutrients – iron, zinc, vitamin B12, omega-3 and amino assets – to help nourish the brain (and your growing bub!)

    Age: parent Duration: medium

    nutrition, pregnancy, iron, protein

  • D5343_char_grilled_rump_steak

    Char-grilled rump steak, potato salad and fresh coriander yogurt

    Enjoy that wonderful homey char-grilled flavour with this recipe. It’s rich in protein, with a fresh coriander yoghurt to really bring it to life – perfect for pregnant mums.

    Age: parent Duration: medium

    nutrition, pregnancy, iron, protein

  • 4-1502_roast_lamb_and_vegies_with_brainpower_nutrients

    Citrus marinated roast lamb and vegetables

    This fantastic citrus marinade will leave your lamb zesty and bursting with flavour. Serve with a side of roast veggies, brussel sprouts and peas with mint for a healthy and hearty meal.

    Age: parent Duration: long

    nutrition, pregnancy, iron, protein