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  • Istock_000004362649small

    Fruity Banana Porridge

    There’s nothing quite like a hearty bowl of warm porridge on a winters morning.
    Perfect for babies, toddlers and mum- just change the consistency to suit.

    Age: Duration: medium

    healthy eating, toddler, learning to Eat

  • Istock_000003899711small

    Health Balls

    This is such a quick and easy snack. Great healthy option for the kids, try substituting Nutella for the peanut butter for some variation!

    Age: child Duration: short

    snack, healthy eating, toddler, lunch box

  • Istock_000002928681small

    Fruit Kebabs

    Fruit kebabs are colourful and healthy for the kids, they will love pulling off the fruit from the sticks! A good kitchen activity for you and the kids also.

    Age: toddler Duration: short

    snack, healthy eating, toddler

  • Istock_000004544690small

    Seed & Nuts Bites

    This snack is packed full of nutritional goodness! Substitute the nuts for pumpkin seeds to make it safer for the kids.

    Age: child Duration: medium

    snack, healthy eating, toddler, lunch box

  • Istock_000005842091small

    Tuna Patties

    A great way to get more vegetables and fish into toddlers & also a good emergency meal to keep in the freezer for busy days!

    Age: toddler Duration: medium

    fish, healthy eating, toddler

  • Istock_000004588391small

    Zucchini Slice

    This slice is great served warm and can be frozen in little slice pieces to take to kindy or on a picnic. Vary it by adding finely chopped ham or even a small tin of tuna.

    Age: child Duration: long

    vegetarian, healthy eating, toddler

  • Istock_000003475312small

    Little Zucchini Lamb Cakes

    A great way to get your kiddies to eat both meat and vegies, and they’re perfect for little fingers too!

    Age: toddler Duration: short

    healthy eating, toddler

  • Istock_000004180576small

    Health Squares

    These Health Squares were great for snacks while we were on the go with our toddlers. The chocolate topping was certainly a hit. Enjoy!

    Age: toddler Duration: long

    snack, healthy eating, toddler, lunch box

  • Istock_000008271682small

    Fruity Oats

    It’s great to have another variation for the kids breakfast, especially one that has some “added” benefits.

    Age: Duration: medium

    healthy eating, toddler

  • Baby-muesli-bars

    Baby/Toddler muesli bars

    These muesli bars contain loads of fruit and are a yummy healthy snack for bubs and kids alike (or mum!)

    Age: Duration: medium

    snack, parenting, healthy eating, toddler, lunch box