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Other recipes tagged "Fish"

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    Salmon Quichettes

    These are a great snack or light meal with some salad vegetables cut up. Cucumber sticks and cherry tomatoes are perfect for those little toddler hands.

    Age: toddler Duration: long

    fish, snack, toddler

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    Tuna Patties

    A great way to get more vegetables and fish into toddlers & also a good emergency meal to keep in the freezer for busy days!

    Age: toddler Duration: medium

    fish, healthy eating, toddler

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    Home Made Fish Fingers

    Great finger food for toddlers! Good way to get them eating fish, make home made chips and add a healthy salad for extra tastiness!

    Age: toddler Duration: medium

    fish, snack, toddler, learning to Eat

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    Salmon Croquets

    These are delicious straight out of the pan, but are also great as a handy cold snack the next day. Freeze them to save as a quick meal!

    Age: Duration: medium

    fish, toddler