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  • Chicken-burghul-salad

    Chicken & Burghul Salad

    Burghul, also know as bulghur wheat, is a Middle Eastern cracked wheat full of B vitamins and high in fibre and other nutrients. Most often served as a side dish, burghul has a light texture and a delicious nutty flavour.

    Age: parent Duration: medium

    nutrition, pregnancy, diabetes, protein

  • Shepherdspie

    Mexican Style Shepherds Pie

    This is a great dish for pregnant and breast feeding Mums especially if your weight or gestational diabetes is an issue for you. Not only is it low GI, and lower calorie, its jam packed with all important nutrients. This dish serves as a great comfort food without making you feel bloated afterwards. Michelle.

    Age: parent Duration: medium

    nutrition, pregnancy, parenting, diabetes