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    Busy Mum Sausage Rolls

    These Busy mum sausage rolls are a delicious snack the whole family can enjoy. Add different vegetable for some variation.

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    snack, toddler, carbs

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    Lavish Bread Pizza Rolls

    Lavish bread pizza rolls are quick and easy and you can prepare them early and heat them up later. Great for a busy night’s tea! And also a fun way to get your toddler to help in the kitchen.

    Age: child Duration: short

    toddler, carbs

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    Traffic Light Sandwiches

    These traffic light sandwiches are a great delight for the kids not only healthy but great fun to make with the kids!

    Age: toddler Duration: short

    toddler, carbs, lunch box

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    Snake Sandwiches

    Snake sandwiches will be the delight of your kids, a great way to get them helping out in the kitchen with a creative activity!

    Age: toddler Duration: short

    toddler, carbs, lunch box

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    Potato Hedge Hog

    It’s the perfect snack, or even lunch or dinner. These potato hedgehogs will have them asking for more!

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    toddler, carbs

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    Weet Bix Slice

    A yummy snack for kids and great fun to make with the little ones, just watch out they dont get stolen off the cooling rack!

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    toddler, carbs

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    4 Treasure Bread

    This is quick, delicious and easy to whip up for kids’ lunchtimes or snacks. A good way to get a few vegetables and dairy into toddlers. The kids can also be involved in mixing and rolling the dough so a fun kitchen activity. The “treasure” components are merely the vegetables or fillings that can be incorporated into the bread and any variety of vegetables or fillings can be used.

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    toddler, carbs, lunch box

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    Vegetable Gnocchi

    This is another great Winter food recipe, excellent for hiding veggies in your kids food. Cut them up smaller for younger kids or blend for the lil ones!

    Age: toddler Duration: long

    vegetarian, toddler, carbs

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    Vegetable Pasta

    Great healthy pasta for the kids, add cheese on top and bake for something extra special!

    Age: toddler Duration: medium

    vegetarian, toddler, carbs

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    Pumpkin, sweet potato, carrot and cheese pasta mix

    This dish is packed full of delicious veggies that are great for your little one. Added cheese will melt into the hot veggies and add a nice touch of flavor to the meal.

    Age: toddler Duration: medium

    vegetarian, toddler, carbs, learning to Eat