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honest bookmaker

My husband loves to bet on sports and sometimes can't withdraw money. Who can advise an hone...

5 replies

It's soo not good


playing roulette

How often do you get lucky while playing roulette?

2 replies

Ha, you have interesting roulette strategies, very cool! Unfortunately, I never had any luck at roulette, until recently, when I hit...


VPN paid or free

How much better is a paid VPN compared to a free one?

4 replies

yep thank u

Melissa Brown

Husband watches dota 2 too much

Is it ok that a man of 40 y.o. watches tournaments on dota? He really follows these matches and g...

2 replies

I don't think there's anything wrong with that either. I am 27, I have a brother who is 39 and he loves to play dota with...


CBD could help

Lately, I've started to be depressed a lot. Because of this, I can not work properly and get...

4 replies

What is it?


How to improve the ranking of your site?

Hello everyone, I have my own legal services website, but currently very few people use the site&...

2 replies

use tools



Hello everyone, I am trying to get pregnant and I was wondering if anyone has advice in what sup...

1 reply

Hi Sandy, I am too trying to get pregnant. My doctor told me to start taking folic acid and also extra Vitamin D I've been orde...


Overhaul of the apartment

Hello, I recently started making major repairs in my apartment. Completed the first stage of the ...

1 reply

Hi, I just recently finished renovating my new apartment. The repairs were done by a team of builders, and I also hired a good desig...