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Periods and breastfeeding

Hello mums does anyone exprerience reduction in their milk supply . My 7 weeks old is exclusively...

3 replies

yes, periods can result drop in milk supply but don't worry about it, it's temporary...


Can anyone help me out in this situation?

Hello ladies. I want to share my problem with you all. Maybe I get some satisfying answer here. I...

1 reply

Breastfeeding is likely the reason. It's not unusual to not get your period for several months, and apparently even be erratic ...


Can different labs produce different HCG?

I got my bloods done this morning at my doctors and HCG came back at 23000. I then when to ED for...

1 reply

Sorry, unsure on what the answer is to this. But just wanted to see if you're okay? x


Extremely bad wind pains! Constantly crying all day in pain!

My 8 week old boy has had bad wind pains since he was born, it has only gotten worse as each week...

3 replies

try to feed your baby with bottle and also consult with another doctor about the issue..


Due in September!

Hello, are there any other ladies out there due in September who may like to start a Facebook gro...

2 replies

Congratulations and best of luck to both of you..


need to have another child in future

Hi all, I was having problem with my wife.we did not know the best mode of family planning. We we...

1 reply

IUD is not bad - different women may have different experiences with it. My experiene was not so bad. I would discourage the use of ...


Ovulation or pregnant

Long story short I took a morning after pill 20hours laster because I had unprotected sex around ...

1 reply

May be the after effects of the morning after pill. Take a test when you'd expect your next period to be sure.


Swaddles vs Wraps vs Sleep Pods

Hey, I'm currently pregnant with my first baby (due in June), and am just starting to look a...

1 reply

Congrats! My baby girl started off in a wrap but she eventually found her way out of them after a few months! They get pretty wriggl...