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Congrats F-Meadows! On the work front, I would leave it until the 12wk mark. I know it feels 'secretive' or somewhat like you are cheating them of someone that can stay, but we are in the lucky country and that is a priviledge we are entitled to! If you know the new boss well, perhaps you would feel comfy telling her now, but I would prob wait. I love my boss (although I am not leaving-yet) but I am holding out to tell her! Sally, congrats! How exciting! Hollie- how exciting about your appt! I still have a week to wait, mine is next Mon! What state are you in? I have killer sore boobs, have had them for a few weeks and worst at night when trying to get comfy in bed! Also my IBS is playing up really bad, DH is frightened of what is to come if this is the start ha ha! Any suggestions for wind or bloating? I have bought some Fibogel that normally does the trick, and is safe during pregnancy.

Tonight could eve a deal breaker for keeping our secret. We are only five weeks along, so really don't want it getting out! Just found out that there are a few more couples than we thought heading to a friend's place for a BBQ tonight... Drama being one of the girls is mates with the biggest bigmouth and gossip around. I obviously won't be drinking... I have been going without in social situations for about six months but New Years is a bit obvious. DH thinks bring a vodka bottle filled with water and mix my own. Great until someone else wants a drink! I have seen two of my mates already today who will be there tonight, told them my IBS I playing up so won't be drinking much. Still very worried about giving it all away far too soon! Please help!

Congrats on your BFP Hollie! I hope everything goes smoothly for you! Have you had a dr appt yet? This is a really wierd stage of pregnancy, you know you are but it just doesn't feel it! I have been tossing around the idea of doing another Hpt just to make sure things are still happening. Don't see my GP for another week and a bit How are things going Asha?

Congrats Leah! What a fan pressie on Christmas Day! I am with you in it not feeling real, I am in the same boat. Too scared to get too excited, but can't help it at the same time!

Does anyone have one of these? I dont have to worry about buying one for a while, but they go on sale online occasionally so I just want to research everything etc so I can budget! Thanks in advance!

I dont have 10! Plenty of time to get the list growing, though! Charli Grace Lexi Jayde Charlie Dylan Leigh Braxton (damned you Home and Away!)

Ejane, I am so sorry to hear that things havent worked out. Thinking of you! I replied to one of your other posts about it, you are so strong! Asha, yes, first pregnancy! Any advice for me? I had some serious AF like cramping just before Christmas, that has settled now. How are things for you? What should I expect?

Del, I can definitely see the two sacks! Your levels seems fine by the tests you have done, so dont stress. Your GP will clear it up after the bloods are done! Sending you much love for a fantastic journey

Ha ha, that's great Kat! What about the do's and dont's? I am 5wks with my first pregnancy, and dont see the GP for a few weeks. Any suggestions of foods I should avoid etc now? Thanks, great thread!

So sorry to hear that, what a harsh thing to happen on Christmas. You are so strong, your family are so lucky to have you. Don't forget that if you need to let it all out to do it! Thinking of you and sending love xo xo