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It sucks, doesnt it! But your time will come, and when it does there will be someone quietly in your shoes now. I have been making Nappy Cakes which gives me an excuse to buy baby things and not feel guilty!

hi everyone, just thought id give you all an update. after getting a positive ovvy test last week we have been very busy (hehe) and i woke up this morning with verrrryyy sore nipples (lol tmi) lets hope its what we all think it should be!! i dont think i will test until next week sometime because we are getting married this saturday so we will be on our honeymoon so fingers crossed!! x Good luck with your wedding! What a nice surprise you might have to come home to! I have everything crossed for you I have done what I promised I would never do, read too much and now I think that I have every symptom under the sun! I took a HPT last Thurs and BFN, but I am due for AF today or tomorrow and HOPING by some miracle that i just tested too early! I have been noticing everything going on with my body, which I am sure will lead to a huge disappointment when AF arrives Cramping on one side, upset stomach, sore boobs, twitchy pain in my nipple, discharge, TMI I am sure roll eyes ...

Well we are in TTC Aug for sure now, BFN for July! I was secretly hoping that we would be one of the lucky ones that fall straight away, that has been the case for most of our friends. Oh well, early days! I just hope DH new FIFO roster means we can jag him being home at a good time, or this might be a long process indeed! Baby dust everyone!

HI! We have just started trying, so this is my first ever 2WW! And it is scary and exciting at the same time! I have no idea what to expect, too early yet for any real symptoms to have started. We are off on holiday tonight, so when I get back I might test... Not sure how long I will be able to wait! What tests do you recommend?

I have found the pram I want... But I would also like to get the capsule and bassinet to go with it. Would you buy a second hand pram? I will get a new capsule (would make me feel better about safety, but the bassinet is only used for 6months or less, and the pram should withstand use of more than one baby. Economically, I dont think its an issue as long as it is in good repair and still sturdy etc. What do you think?

Hi ladies! I joined TTC Aug but we may just fit into TTC July! DH is due home (he is FIFO) on the 26th of this month, and our best time is 25-28th! SO hurry up and get home We are just starting TTC so no hurry really, I probably wont be one of the lucky ones that gets a BFP in the early days (not with my family history!). All the best everyone! I am so excited about the thought that I just have to share it with someone!! Sorry, that means you guys

I have seen Striders, but the capsule only seems to last about 4 months until baby grows out of it. Does anyone know of anything similar or longer lasting?

Thanks for that Del, that is one extensive list! Best of luck to everyone for August

Hi ladies, I am new to all of this and trying to get my head around all the acronyms! I am 25, DH is 27, married for 3 months. We have decided that we cant wait any longer to start trying! I have just stopped the pill, and we are having a belated honeymoon start of Aug so I am sure there will be opportunity to get the 'party started' I am going to keep an eye on what I consume while we are away, try not to have too many cocktails etc. We plan on bringing contraception though, just in case. I have not been drinking since the wedding and keeping an eye on my health. We are not putting pressure on ourselves for a quick conception after 9 years on OC, and I have just started folate. I have noticed some women get bloods done prior to trying- do you have to? I dont really know where to start!! House, check. Partenr, check. Car, check. Security, check. Starting point? No idea