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Ash_Nevada replied to topic I need advice!

I think what you are doing is more than reasonable. I am in a similar situation. His dad takes him 2 or 3 nights a week. We do some things together as a family on the weekend and we often do ba...

Tuesday 30 August 11:07pm

Ash_Nevada started new topic benefit & working

They say you are allowed to earn $100 a week before they start reducing your benefit. Is this over and above total amount from WINZ including accommodation supp etc or is it on the base benefit.

Tuesday 30 August 10:13pm

Ash_Nevada started new topic Child support

I have recently separated from my partner and am looking into going on to a benefit etc. I have always though that child support payments go directly to the mother but now have been told that this...

Monday 29 August 05:04pm

Ash_Nevada started new topic shared custody arrangements

Anyone know where I can find info that says a 50:50 custody split for a 15 month old is not in the best interests of the child. I don't want to stop him from seeing his son but I don't believe tha...

Wednesday 03 August 05:11pm

Ash_Nevada replied to topic Can someone explain to me

I threw up all through my pregnancy, had a traumatic birth in which he was born with an apgar score of 1 after a very long labour, he was a screamer up until he was 8 or so months, huge problems wi...

Thursday 23 June 05:18am

Ash_Nevada started new topic stiff lower back in the mornings

For the past couple of months I have been waking in the morning with a stiff back. It disappears after getting up and walking around and having a shower. Just wondering whether anyone else has ex...

Thursday 23 June 04:48am
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