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Skubala replied to topic Breastfeeding and Exercise

This is not caused by exercise - a moderate amount of exercise is completely fine during breastfeeding. What you are describing sounds more like blocked milk ducts. Doing massage and breast compres...

Thursday 03 April 08:13pm

Skubala replied to topic Why do you come on huggies?

I started on here because I was the only one of my friends to have a baby at 21 and felt a bit alone and unsure of how to care for a baby. Now, I come on here because I like having a place to chat ...

Thursday 27 March 08:26pm

Skubala replied to topic Could be interesting... What do you think?

There is no "right" amount of time. Things change, people change... even a year can make a big difference in a person's life - both in terms of circumstances and maturity, so I think...

Thursday 27 March 08:23pm

Skubala replied to topic Newborn snack to combat?

It's very normal feeding behaviour Pinal, even for a bottle fed baby. He has a small stomach capacity and to keep his blood sugar levels high enough he will need to eat frequently. It's n...

Thursday 27 March 08:18pm

Skubala replied to topic thirst

Kittkatt wrote: ok good, im glad im not the only one, i was a bit worried about diabetes, so feel relieved to know its normal. Nay7 wrote: I will often get really thirsty while actually breast f...

Thursday 27 March 06:10am

Skubala replied to topic DF changed his mind :(

Charlotte is like Scarlett I have a bias to Charlotte as a name though My DH changed his mind on our baby name a week before he was born!

Wednesday 26 March 10:07pm

Skubala replied to topic thirst

Yep hun, it's a normal response to the hormones associated with breastfeeding. I am also suffering the unquenchable thirst, I'll often down 500ml + every time I express. It was worst in t...

Wednesday 26 March 09:56pm

Skubala replied to topic 8 months and no words yet

*Mimsy wrote: My dd is one today and still only babbles and makes conversational noises rather than words in context. She says mums mum and dadadad but it still seems more noise than word. If I ask...

Monday 24 March 06:07am

Skubala replied to topic cake pic/4am discussion for those on shift work lol

I must have just missed the start of this thread after getting up for another overnight milk pumping session. But it's 5am and I'm up again, making milk for the smallest family member. Wi...

Monday 24 March 06:06am

Skubala replied to topic 8 months and no words yet

Most children, by age 1, can say Mum Dad and 1-5 other words used in correct context. At 8 months usually babies are starting to babble or make speech like sounds, but often don't have any obv...

Monday 24 March 03:41am

Skubala replied to topic Yay! 5000 posts!

Yay on 5000! That's a lot of hugging going on there! What are you girls studying? Stick with it, it's hard work but worth it. When you have those "omg I can't do this moments&q...

Sunday 23 March 09:47pm

Skubala replied to topic Gender Reveal Boy or Girl ...

Another little girl, how gorgeous! I hope you have three bathrooms... coz the teen years are going to be a whole lot of fun in your house!

Sunday 23 March 09:34pm

Skubala replied to topic How did you deal with PND?

I think it's often a "ride it out" kind of experience. PND can be a combination of environmental factors i.e. sleep deprivation, unsettled baby, demands of older children, lack of su...

Saturday 22 March 04:33pm

Skubala replied to topic Morning Mimsy :D

I'm here too. It's 5am here and I'm up pumping milk for bub. Eyes are hanging out of my head I'm so tired. Will hopefully get back to sleep for an hour or two once I'm done

Saturday 22 March 06:05am

Skubala replied to topic Not sure what to do..

If you move up to the coast, Sunshine Coast uni have a nursing course, as does QUT at Caboolture. You might find transferring to another uni makes the timetable more manageable, i.e. all your class...

Friday 21 March 09:00pm

Skubala replied to topic OMFG!! I cannot believe people can be so rude!

What a selfish b**** We had a baby shower to celebrate the pending arrival of DD. We clearly stated we did not expect a gift, but we did include a list of suggestions for anyone who wanted to get ...

Friday 21 March 08:56pm

Skubala replied to topic What do you prefer?

There is a brand that is not well known in Australia, and only place I've seen it available is either online or in bubs r us called Mustela. I love their products, in particular the newborn fo...

Friday 21 March 03:37am

Skubala replied to topic Result of my Specialist Appointment Today..

I can't believe it has taken them so long to get their shit together on this. It's been obvious for a long time that things aren't right. Your cycles have been all over the shop even...

Thursday 20 March 07:00pm

Skubala replied to topic Vaccinations... why are they forced?

In the end you are the parent and can make your own choice. You cannot be bullied or forced into vaccination. All I would say is please do your research from reliable sources - i.e. don't make...

Thursday 20 March 06:56pm

Skubala replied to topic Hey everyone

*Giggles* wrote: Skubala wrote: What a beautiful girl smile I hear ya on the PND thing. I'm mostly doing ok but the lengthy hospital admission and the premature arrival of DS has taken its to...

Tuesday 18 March 10:47pm
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