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sorry double post!

hi there im 20 and had my 1st baby girl when i was 18 and am 18 wks pregnant due in january (6 days after my 21st!) .i was engaged at 17 and married at 19 so you can say ive done it all early but thats what we wanted. we are farm managers have our own place, more than those people out there on the doll in there 30 -40s. i got alot of oh shes too young to be married blah blah blah. i cant beleive someone said that to you!thats just awfull glad you told them where to stick it! i had a few stares when i was pregnant with my 1st but i just ignored them it aint any of their business and shouldnt judge. im the youngest of 4 and have allways been quite mature for my age and look older. i love been a young mum and wouldnt have it any other way.

hey there ladies! congrats to all those who have had there scans and know what they are having!! our scan is booked for the 16th of september cant wait to see bubs again and we might find out if bubs is girl or boy this time so super cant wait!! saw my midwife couple wks ago everything was good heard bubs HB nice and strong found him or her easy was sitting right in the middle! going to see her again next thurday, hopefully il get weighed this time - dont really know what my pre preg weight was but guessed 75kgish, hopefully not too much weight gain just yet! have really popped out now, am getting bit sick of all the ''wow look at you, your gonna be huge toward the end!!'' thanks for that . i can still fit all my pants so im happy ( just bit snug doing up the button by my tummy!) bubs movements are now little nudges rather than bubbles am loving them! hubby wishes he can feel the kicks few more wks he will. went and got a new maternity bra last wk (am now F!! yup F! was a nice...

thanks for all the replys, decided we will hire one , couldnt see the point in spending all that money on buying one and this way if we dont like it dont have to worry about it after!

Hehehe What an interesting topic. im 18 weeks and i seriously cant get enough of it.... somtimes i get moody if boyfriend is too tired! it also freaks my boyfirend out as he thinks im some kind of addict lol (i told him that it will calm down once bubs is here) i dunno maybe its my age?? (im 26 and boyfriend is 22)could be that its my first baby? not tired from looking after other kids?? dunno... but interesting non the less. lucky u! im 20, n yup having my lil girl to ran around after does make you pritty damn tired!!

hi there, i wanted ask anybodys opinion on capsules vs rear facing carseats? im pregnant with my 2nd baby and used a rear facing carseat with my little girl. i really liked it but am thinkn about using a capsule once new bubs is born but the hubby is tryna put his foot and stick with the one we i wanted to know if its easier having a capsule with bub #2??

thanks for the replys makes me feel better im not the only one! they all say your meant to want it more but nope was the same with my 1st aswell. i feel bad for my hubby like lunaticity i just get grumpy when he tries to start something! kellee*n*olivia*n*bump & TazzyWinkle i know exactly what you mean when the start kicking away in the middle of it not exactly a mood setter huh! thinks he feels definatley bit ripped off!

hi there, since finding out i was pregnant ive totally lost my sex drive and its not because i got preggas, i still want to but am never in the mood im 15 wks now and still the same, my hubby gets all moody with me sometimes so i just do it to make him happy (TMI sorry!) but just dont know why or what i can do to get it back? anyone the had the same sorta thing?

hey yup im exactly the same! changing my lil girls nappy il be gaging when its never bothered me before, coughing id almost spew just holding a pen in my teeth makes me gag sometimes rather anoying!

hi there, with my 1st it was 17 wks when i first felt it and am 15 wks with my 2nd now and have started feeling them now which is awesome! my hubby felt the kicks at exactly 20wks!