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i think its a totally personal choice and just do what feels best for u n bubs with my DD i breast fed for bout a week (i had cracked/bleeding nipples, was getting engorged, she wasnt lactching on properly was in tears everytime latching on ) so i decided to put her on a bottle , i expressed for 4 - 5 wks so she was still getting my milk and topping up with formula she was a lil guts! im glad i did as i wanted bf to be something i enjoyed not dreaded. i got lots of comments about trying again blah blah but it was my choice and she was the happiest healthy bub. so its totaly up to you

hi all good to hear everyone doing well had a bit of a up n down week, on saturday my DD started getting a cough - thought nothing of it just a normal flu. nope not a normal flu! poor wee thing had cough, constantly runing nose, high temp, stopped eating tuesday ddnt want to do anything just wanted cuddles and sleep she woke twice at night for 3 days crying . feel so bad when you cant do anything to help and then had to take her to A & E on wednesday as she got really hot, whimpery, sleepy she ended having a temp of 39.4 my poor wee little girl straight onto antibiotix. top it all of i have the same thing minus the temp! she finaly ate dinner last night so she on the mend back to her happy chirpy self thank god. oh and my DH drink got spiked with P on saturday while he was out watching the rugby ! he was in A&E and i had know idea till he came home the next day and told me he managed to call 111 but cant remember anything! so thats the last time hes goin out!!! scary that it ...

with DD1 it was firm tomatoes! i ate them hole like a flippin apple would eat a bag in a few days!! also chocolate but could live with out it. with this lil girl i havent had a craving as such but am enjoying green seedless grapes atm and green crunchy apples peeled! so hopefully any cravings this time round are more healthy so i dont pack on the weight like last time (20kgs )

hi there im having my 2nd baby in january and also have my placenta at the front. i felt 1st movements at 15 wks and my hubby and little girl felt bubs kick around 20wk, i talked to midwife about it and it shouldnt effect having a natural birth it can just make it hard to pick up the HB with the doppler! i think its only when its low lying that c sections are necsacary?!

im due with my 2nd baby girl in january and am thinking about this aswell. we will get my mum to look after our little girl while im in labour and make it very clear to them that she will be the 1st to meet her and they'll have to wait until weve had our family time to meet her along with the rest of the family. im sure they will be fine with it and respect our nope i dont think its rude at all!

wow you mums with those big babies are amazing!! my little girl was 8lb 9 oz (3.9kg) and 54cm long, born 39 wks i thought she was huge! but i have to say i loved her been all chubby and have cute rolls! im due with another girl in jan and am a little nervous about going over due as she was a wk early! am going to try every trick in the book to not go over! (also was induced so want to avoid that aswell!) plus doesnt help when you get all the your tummys so big already!! so hopefully this little lady wont make me wait!

hi there, i was induced with my 1st at 39 wks as i had leaking waters and contractions werent really happening so i had to go in the next day to be induced. i had originaly wanted a water birth but i had a pritty open birth plan so went with the flow. they did the gel and sweep in the morning nothing much happened then was put on the drip in the arvo around 4 - that sure did it! 7 hours later i had my lil girl. had the epidural but was not the actual thing as they just put in the local and was enough to relax me, also tried gas hated it lol! im expecting my 2nd in january and am really wanting natural water birth this time, being induced is hard but it depends on the person you could do it no drugs easy as! the thing i hated about being induced is the no gradual increase in the contractions with the drip takes 5 mins then wham! and been confined to the bed as i had to wear the monitors around my belly. but could be totaly different for you as diferent places have different proced...

me and my hubby told our families straight away with both, we cant keep secrets! with our 1st it was a surprise and it was only a month or two after we got engaged (plus i had 24/7 morning sickness somebody woulda known something was up when i was spewing all the time!). with our 2nd our fams knew we were trying for another so was to excited to keep that secret, especially after all the '' are you pregnant yet!!''

hi there, i had my mum there with my 1st, as i thought it would be nice for her to be there for her 1st grandchild. we have a close relationship (im having my 2nd baby due in jan) but this time round i just want my hubby and midwife as i want it to be more special for us and i know what im doing this time! but it is a personal choice , i wasnt to sure about having her there as didnt want her to see me starkers haha but was nice having her there. no one should tell you who your meant to have there, your the one in labour its up to you!

hi ladies hope everyone is doing great! we had our scan last friday and we are going to have a healthy baby girl! was rather funny the car ride there the hubby was sure we werent going to find out then when the lady asked if we wanted to know he chirped up ''yip!'' (he was very sure bubs was a boy but nope another beautiful girl for us)!! this lil girl was a bit camera shy i think kept moving had to turn on my sides try pin her down to get all the right measurements! feeling kicks when im walking and doing things now cant beleive just 19 wks to go , only 3 wks till my little girls 2nd birthday cant beleive shes growing up so fast its scary! shes gives my belly kisses and hugs and says hi sister (very cute) . she will make a very loving big sister all she wants to do is cuddle her 12 wk old cousin so i have my fingers crossed shell be the same (shes very much a little tomboy loves rough and tumble! so working on being carefull with babies is a progress but we getting there!) see...