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**Nic** replied to topic Late Bloomer...Still....

Hi, I have posted before to your posts. My son had physio for slow development, we went twice and she was happy with his development and will call us when he is 12months to see if he is developin...

Thursday 11 August 01:09am

**Nic** replied to topic Cannot PM

Oh great thanks. I don't come on that often but have tried to send PM's a few times now and I haven't been able to. Thanks

Sunday 10 July 12:14am

**Nic** replied to topic Drool Rash and Dry Skin

Hi, before putting her to bed, put the sorbelene on her face dry spots then put bepanthen on top of it. This will lock in the sorbelene and she will wake up with a great smooth face.

Saturday 09 July 09:53pm

**Nic** started new topic Cannot PM

Hi, I cannot pm, every time I try I get an error message about not putting website URL's in the message (which there are not). How do I fix this?

Saturday 09 July 09:48pm

**Nic** replied to topic 10 Month Old Slow Development

Hi, I tried to PM you but it wouldn't work. My son is 9.5months and has just started sitting at around 9months. He still leans forward to sit and hold himself up. He is the same with bottles and s...

Saturday 09 July 09:45pm

**Nic** replied to topic 9 1/2mth old development

Hi my son is almost 9 1/2 months old and from what you have described that is my son. He doesn't crawl, stand, walk or babble as in mumma and dadda. My son only just started sitting by himself a...

Thursday 30 June 01:07am

**Nic** replied to topic 9 month old not sitting

Hi I had actually pm'd you the other day as I remembered your original post a little while ago. My son is 8 and a bit months and not sitting either. I will sit him and he just topples over aswell. ...

Thursday 02 June 05:42pm

**Nic** replied to topic Slow Development

Hi, my son is 8months in around a week and he isn't sitting yet either, nor does he even look like he will be sitting soon. We put him in the sitting position and he falls forward or to the sides. ...

Thursday 12 May 07:32pm

**Nic** replied to topic Baby, maternity and kids market

Hi a close friend of mine is organising this market. There is a baby market in most area's every 3months, there wasn't one in the hawkesbury area so she decided to organise one. This is the first m...

Thursday 05 May 02:21am

**Nic** replied to topic Which Private Hospital is good Norwest Private or Westmead Private?

Hi I had my son at Norwest and loved it! The staff were great and very helpful and the facilities were great. Felt like i was in a hotel, well it did when i wasn't feeding a baby, having myself che...

Thursday 05 May 01:21am

**Nic** replied to topic mixed feeding

Hi, we started giving my son formula feeds every now and again around 4months. We give him a bottle feed every 3rd day so he doesn't refuse bottles and if we don't have enough EBM for a feed we use...

Friday 08 April 11:00pm

**Nic** replied to topic car trips how do you comforting 4month old whislt driving in car alone with them ???

My Son is the same, although he has got better in the car as he has gotten older. I always make sure he is fed before we get in the car and I always connect his dummy to his sleeve (just to be onth...

Tuesday 05 April 02:47am

**Nic** replied to topic Any new mums in the Rouse Hill/Kellyville Ridge area?

Hi, not sure if you are aware but the community health centres run a mothers group until your baby is 12weeks old in Rouse Hill and Castle Hill. I went there with my son and now have formed a mothe...

Thursday 17 March 09:30pm

**Nic** replied to topic Woolies online

Wow thanks Christobell with the tip for free delivery! I will try that next week. We try to do our shop on Sunday night to be delivered Monday evening, we found that if we did the shop too close ...

Tuesday 08 March 08:21pm

**Nic** replied to topic Flat Head Syndrome

My son had a flat spot towards the right side of his head cause he always slept with his head turned that way. When we had our 6wk pead appointment he pointed it out and told me to roll up a small ...

Thursday 24 February 09:02pm

**Nic** replied to topic When did your baby start laughing out load?

Hi my son has just hit the 5 month mark and he has only laughed a couple of times for very short periods (maybe a few seconds). I am hoping he will start laughing a bit more soon but I guess I'm no...

Friday 18 February 08:21pm

**Nic** replied to topic severe nappy rash??

Hi, Its horrible isn't it. My son had a really severe nappy rash for almost 2months. I tried every cream possible. The doctor had said it may be worse due to his lactose intolerance symptoms. I tri...

Wednesday 16 February 08:17pm
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