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Ilovecuddles replied to topic Moving to melbourne

Lots of kiwis in point cook, hopper crossing area Plus hoppers crossing has my favourite shop 'Just Kiwi' (great for when Im feeling homesick). We're in Geelong... So not really Melbourne but clo...

Friday 23 March 05:51pm

Ilovecuddles replied to topic Flying whilst pregnant

I've flown throughout both my pregnancies.. My advice is to be as active as possible... Get up and walk around when you can, do the exercises they recommend and stay hydrated. Every airline is diff...

Friday 23 March 05:32pm

Ilovecuddles replied to topic Facebookers - add your page here (list) Hi I own Tiny Monsters Clothing, we sell kids and baby clothing and accessories. I also sell hand made items; headbands, beanie...

Sunday 04 September 05:44pm
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