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carinesucre replied to topic Newborn clothing?

I bought mainly bodysuits and pyjamas(thick coverall) a few in 00000 and the bulk in 0000 when my first daughter was born in Winter. Now that you're at the end of your pregnancy you should have a b...

Wednesday 11 May 01:43am

carinesucre replied to topic What age will a baby be at 12kg?

My daughter is 3 years old and 12kg! She's a very fussy eater and a very active child

Wednesday 11 May 01:32am

carinesucre replied to topic Baby slings

I'm using a bubzilla sling for my 3 months old since she was born. It's light weight and I find it great to carry her around when she cries and to make her sleep.

Wednesday 11 May 01:30am

carinesucre started new topic Edible spoon & soup bowl

I thought I’d share with you this fun recipe that I found on this website. Isn’t this unique? Specially great for fussy eaters! Ingredients: 325g flour, 1tbs salt, 1/2 tbs sugar, 200ml of warm wat...

Wednesday 11 May 01:22am

carinesucre replied to topic Facebookers - add your page here (list)

Hi everyone! This is a great post, lots of lovely products here. My online shop is Caramel Sucré and we specialise in French Designer baby & kids clothing, gifts and toys. Do drop by, use the cod...

Wednesday 11 May 01:12am
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