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Noahys started new topic do you have a fenced in section?

just wanting some advice. I have 3 year old boy and a 7 month boy. we are looking at buyinga house this summer. we have found the perfecthouse butits not fenced. its got hedges, and not nice big bu...

Tuesday 26 August 08:56am

Noahys started new topic easy frontpack to put on when getting baby out of car

Im expecting number 2 and would really love to get a frontpack for him as when I drop DS off at kindy it is a rather long walk down the drive so don't think I can handle carrying a capsule all...

Tuesday 19 November 06:05pm

Noahys started new topic 3 year old keeps saying ' go away' to his dad

our almost 3 year old when he dosent get something he wants, gets upset or just randomly will start saying "go away". he says it sometimes to me but he says it alot to DH. DH knows not to...

Wednesday 18 September 10:42am

Noahys started new topic He wants to move but im not keen

We have our own house, an almost 3 year old and have a baby due in January and DH wants out of his job and to apply for new oneS out of town. ive asked him to wait till JAnuary when we have the bab...

Wednesday 04 September 10:18am

Noahys started new topic Back from holiday & he wont sleep! Help!

Hi, I have a 22month old son and we went to Rarotonga for a 9 day holiday with the family. He slept in our room while away. He would wake up once or twice during the night but we could easily say s...

Wednesday 01 August 09:26am

Noahys started new topic trunki suitcase

Hi, Just wanting to hear form people who have a used a trunki suitcase if they did find it useful? and what it was like in hand luggage area? DS will be 20months do you think that will be too young...

Wednesday 14 March 01:52am

Noahys started new topic 15month old naughty and he knows it

DS is 15 months old and for a week now he has been acting naughty. He touches the rubbish bin, plays with the nozzles on the oven, continously crying for the remotes and cellphones that are put up ...

Tuesday 03 January 07:32pm

Noahys replied to topic Not many words

My sisters son is 18months and she was worried about his speech as he was developing alot slower than her other 2kids. Plunket said as long he can say at least 5 words by the time hes 2 years old a...

Tuesday 20 December 09:06pm

Noahys started new topic eczema shield?

Has anyone tried the ethical nutrients eczema shield? i was reccommended at the pharmacy but just wanted to see if anyone else had tried it and what the results were? DS is 14months and has eczema ...

Saturday 03 December 10:36pm

Noahys started new topic DS's odd walk

DS just had his 1st birthday and he had been crawling te furniture for about a month. For his birthday he was given a trolley thing to push around. He absoulutley loves it. When he walks one foot i...

Sunday 16 October 04:32am

Noahys replied to topic how much 1 on 1 time

We wnt out 2 weeks ago for dinner, just the two of us. But thats the first time since DS was born hes now 11 months old. It was really nice to actually just relax and not have to worry about anythi...

Wednesday 14 September 09:14pm

Noahys started new topic Male or female dog?

We are wanting to get a puppy and at first i did not really care for the gender as i have been bought up with both and did not really notice a difference and was more concentrating on teh tempermen...

Monday 12 September 04:07am

Noahys replied to topic Feeling Depressed

HI, I myself have never sufered form depression but I had my baby when I was 20 (im now 21. Like you all my friends were off at uni or doing something funa nd would come vist me occasionally. I sta...

Monday 05 September 08:07pm

Noahys replied to topic Is the name to long

NO thats not too long. it has a good flow. Imangine if you had a last name that was hypanated then it would be super long =)

Monday 05 September 07:59pm

Noahys started new topic easy or hard to train a puppy

Hi, so i asked a few days ago about getting a puppy and everyone responded very positively adn now im very confident. Everyone had great stories about there dogs. But how hard is it to train a pupp...

Thursday 01 September 10:05pm

Noahys replied to topic Sick of Cooking Dinner

Yeah i ahhte making dinner too. My favoouriate easy dish to do is fish All i do is put the fish in tinfoil (everyone has there own lil parcel) and hten put sum butter in and lemon juice. And hten i...

Wednesday 31 August 10:09pm

Noahys started new topic I want a puppy!

I really want a puppy. I want it for myself so it can come hang with me in the garden with me and be a playmate wiht for DS. DS is only 11 mnths old though. I always had a dog growing up and i want...

Wednesday 31 August 07:15pm

Noahys replied to topic Anyone doing the Michelle Bridges thing??

I thought it looked great and then saw the price and was like ummm No! Personlly i think you would do better by going to the gym and getting a personal trainer there ( if they do the free monthly c...

Wednesday 31 August 12:19am

Noahys replied to topic Breech baby

I found out DS was breech at 32 weeks. You ca do things to turn him like go swimming, moxibustion ( you stick this burning thing near your little toe, maybe google it also depends if your midwife i...

Wednesday 24 August 09:06pm

Noahys replied to topic Told to Shut up!

No he dosent get drunk or anything. Im just getting pissed off cus it makes me so mad. He just turns everything into a joke when i ask him serious things. He says Im Sorry and then just carries on ...

Tuesday 16 August 08:57pm
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