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big1little1 started new topic Late period, negative pregnancy test & now very light bleeding

Hi ladies, I'm wondering if anyone has had a similar experience. My period was a day late, I took a HPT and it came out negative. The next day I had a small amount of mucous tinged with bloo...

Thursday 15 October 03:14pm

big1little1 replied to topic 3 day TT

Hi Keeki May I please have this information? I'm keen to start my daughter, but I need some help. Thanks!!

Thursday 23 February 09:03pm

big1little1 replied to topic Eczema - when did ur babys it start?

My daughter's started at 4 weeks, she had an upper respiratory infection and was admitted to hospital. The paeds gave me cortisone cream for her. It disappeared after a few weeks and we've had no p...

Monday 31 October 03:26am

big1little1 replied to topic What happens when your waters break

My water broke at 38+6, I went to the hospital to get checked and they sent me home and told me they would wait 72 hours before they induced me (that's policy at the hospital I birthed at). My daug...

Sunday 23 October 11:03pm

big1little1 replied to topic Heartburn

I know how you feel! I suffered heartburn from about 5 weeks.. I was using mylanta liquid until 35 weeks when I saw a Dr and she prescribed Zantac. The heartburn drove me absolutely crazy, even imm...

Friday 23 September 05:30am
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