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kmart88 replied to topic MCN's in dryer

I put my nappies in the dryer when the weather is horrible like this! I put the dryer on warm for as long as they need. If you can take the liners/boosters only put them in the dryer and dry the c...

Saturday 10 December 01:39am

kmart88 replied to topic What kind of Car?

We have a few cars... I have an 05 Falcon Sedan for everyday driving and an 08 Ford Ranger for towing the horses. DP has a work ute 2010 Hilux and an 84 WB V8 Holden ute (his first love haha). Im h...

Friday 18 November 02:16am

kmart88 replied to topic Baby Powder

Just for a different opinion.... I use baby powder! I find it is excellent for for drying out all the rolls, under chubby chins and drying a damp bottom after wiping. I dont use normal talc baby po...

Thursday 03 November 07:53pm

kmart88 replied to topic Moving to Cairns next month

Hi there, I grew up in Cairns and mum still lives and teaches up there. Cairns is a bit divided, you are either a northsider or a southsider lol. I will recomend the northern beaches to you, ther...

Monday 31 October 07:23pm

kmart88 replied to topic Eczema - help!

My DD and I are both suffer from eczema, an it can be as little as a change in the weather that will trigger it. We us a ph 5.5 wash and moisturise, moisturise, moisturise! We also try to only wear...

Friday 28 October 08:07pm

kmart88 started new topic Movember

My DP does Movember every year, and I hate it! lol. I can see the good in it, but kissing a mo is just yuck! We also live in small town and the last 2yrs I have actually gotten very involved. We co...

Friday 28 October 12:45am

kmart88 replied to topic How do you answer your phone?

Apparently answering it 'City morgue, you whack 'em, we'll stack 'em. How may we help you?' isn't entirely appropriate. How do you answer your phone? My uni house had several amusing ways to ...

Thursday 27 October 06:51am

kmart88 replied to topic Best way to wash MCN

There is no need to do any soaking on a regular basis. I just dispose of the poo put the nappies in a nappy bucket. I put the whole nappy in the washing machine with a small amount of eco-friendly ...

Wednesday 19 October 03:58am

kmart88 replied to topic Modern Cloth Nappies

I use Pocket MCN's with a Bamboo liner and I add a microfibre booster if we are going out. I dont find them any extra work at all. I dry pail mine, so just throw them in a nappy bucket (poo in toil...

Friday 14 October 09:49pm

kmart88 replied to topic Strider DLX...

Hi there, The Strider DLX has been superceeded by the Strider plus. It is almost the same pram, however the Plus has the ability to add a toddler seat. The Strider plus capsule will fit the DLX and...

Saturday 08 October 07:11am

kmart88 replied to topic nappies

We also use MCN's during the day and disposables at night. I have enough, about 25, to wash every second night. I just put them on a long wash before bed and hang them out in the morning. I wasnt t...

Thursday 06 October 07:01am

kmart88 replied to topic Nappy Rash that won't clear up :-(

I second Daktozin, that stuff is amazing. Daktozin is anti-fungal cream mixed with zinc and caster oil. It is available over the counter at the chemist.

Thursday 06 October 06:53am

kmart88 replied to topic Need hints & tips for driving up to QLD

We do a LOT of long distance driving and for us the best method is; Be packed and ready the night before. Get up at 3am, give DD a bottle & change nappy, put everyone in the car and leave. By do...

Thursday 08 September 08:36pm

kmart88 replied to topic cyclone kit

Hi, I tend to read alot on here and not post very often, but I grew up in Cairns and have had a bit of cyclone experience... I would probably add a few rolls of masking tape, rope, biscuits/rice ...

Friday 19 August 07:27am

kmart88 started new topic Twin Side by Side Jogger

I am currently on the hunt for a Twin Side by Side Jogging Pram. A Phil & Teds E3 Twin or Similar. Does anyone have one for sale? It doesnt have to be in good condition, I dont want to spend more ...

Sunday 17 July 01:20am

kmart88 replied to topic BabyCo cot mattress

We have a Babyco Cot and just bought a standard size cot matress from Harvey Norman. The one we have is only a couple of centimetres longer and wider then what Babyco suggests and fits snuggly in t...

Tuesday 21 June 12:36am

kmart88 replied to topic Laundry Detergent

You may be using too much detergent. Maybe try using half the amount? Or just using some Napisan oxyaction or similar? The earth choices is a gentle and natural detergent. Also, is it definately f...

Tuesday 22 March 02:49am

kmart88 replied to topic Infant nappy size

I agree!! my DD was in the Infant size for a few months and it was VERY annoying only being able to get them in bags.

Friday 18 March 08:04pm

kmart88 replied to topic Strider 4 Plus travel system

We have this pram and it is great We did not buy the bassinet, but did get a capsule. It was excellent for leaving DD asleep and getting on with my day. However we have since decided that for our ...

Friday 18 March 08:00pm

kmart88 replied to topic How would you spend $10mil?

My friends and I play this one a bit... lol 1. Give my parents and DP parents $1million 2.Pay off our tiny mortgage and buy 5 or so investment properties in our town(done very easily for $500k..) ...

Friday 18 March 09:41am
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