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rose898 started new topic worth the risk?

Me and my daughters father have been seperated for a year and lately we have finally got to a good place friendship & parent wise. But its made all those feelings come back again and im not sur...

Sunday 27 March 07:03pm

rose898 started new topic severe h/g help!

Onto my 3rd pregnancy with h/g and finding it impossible to find a medication that helps. Im 8wks and on ordansetron but its not helping at all. Did you mannage to find anything that helped??

Tuesday 05 January 03:00pm

rose898 started new topic pregnant & unsure

So today i have found out im pregnant with my 3rd and im abit scared and unsure what to do. Although my partner is very happy we havent been together long and im worried i will end up doing this by...

Tuesday 15 December 01:31pm

rose898 started new topic At home study

Looking at doing a full time course at home with my 10month old just wondering who else has done this and what sort of hours per week you needed to do

Friday 05 June 07:08pm

rose898 started new topic Ex's Family

Long story short my 8 month old daughters dad has gone to jail and wont be seeing her when hes out, his mum likes to see our child every month or two but im now wondering if i should carry this on ...

Monday 01 June 07:07am
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