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Hi Jen, I know exactly how you feel. My Mackenzy was about 4/5/6 months old, and had almost zero weight gain for what seems like such a long time. She was putting on 20grams one week, 70grams over 3 days - not a lot. My health nurse weighed her after a feed one day to ensure it wasn't a supply problem, and she hasd gained 120grams! My doctor said not to be worried, and that because she was active etc she was fine. But, it really does worry you sick. My health nurse has me weighing her every 3 days, which I think got me so stressed that I started to lose my milk. I started taking a supplement, and then stopped weighing her so frequently. She is longish - about 76cm, and weighs 8kg. She turns 1 on Jan 12. In terms of her weight, she is so much smaller than other babes we know, but she is also the most active. Just try to remember that there are so many factors that come into play with weight gain, and although I know its so hard, try not to worry. My instincts told me Mack was OK, and...

Hi Julse, I've been reading about your daughter, and her crying, and I've just had a thought - maybe a visit to a chiropractor could rule out any physical problem that she may have, and the sitting in the pram may trigger it - just a thought Good luck and have a great Chrissie Michelle

Morning all we have had a very eventful weekend! At lunch time on Saturday I put my finger into Mackenzy's mouth, & I felt her first tooth! Her 2 bottom teeth have been sitting under the gum for months, and each day lately I've been checking, so I got a big surprise. This morning she has woken up grumpy, so maybe its starting to hurt. But, she hasn't had any other 'symptoms'. Then on Sat arvo, we went to see Santa, in Myer. She just loves Santa, and I wanted to get a photo - but I knew that seeing him on pics, and from a distance is very different to sitting on his lap! My hubby came as well, and he held her as we started talking to him. His helper handed him a toy, and she was hooked. I placed her on his lap, and she laughed, and pointed at all of the decs that were around. She even smiled at the camera at the right time. Unfortunately, we won't get the photos until Jan, but I'm still happy to get them. I've also noticed a huge jump in her cognition, she seems to be so much more ...

Hi Kim, I just wanted you to know that I read your post, and I have thought about you many times since. Stay positive, and proud of your family, and enjoy a very Merry Christmas. Michelle

Hi guys I stopped wrapping Mackenzy when she was about 7 months old. we had had some REALLY bad nights, and at 4am one morning I decided to try the 'control cryng thing'. So, I also thought we would go cold turkey - no wrapping/rocking/singing etc -which I'd done since birth. Anyway at 4am I put her in her cot unwrapped, and she has never been wrapped/rocked etc since. I was very surprised. Like Helena, I was puttting it off, beacuse I really didn't want to go through the sleepless nightscrying etc. But, I didn't end up needing the conrtol crying method either - she has never slept better. SHe had also been fighting the wrap for ages, I ended up double wrapping her! I phoned the Tresillian number in the Blue book, anbd they were great, maybe try them GOOD LUCK and I hope it works for you as well as it did for me. Oh, Mack was then able to find her most comfy possie to sleep (on her stomach, and sometimes face), which the wrapping didn't alow. Merry Christmas to all Michelle

Morning all, I can't believe how interested Mackenzy is in Christmas. the bright and shiny colours of the wqrapping paper and tinsel really attrcts her attention, and we have to stop when ever we see Santa - either real, 6ft blow up version, or hanging on a tree. It is such a fun time, and I never would have thought she would have been taking so much notice - we cannot wait for Christmas day, I'm already planning how we'll start our day, and making sure the camera is ready, and video camera fully charged! Michelle

Hi guys, I have found that Mackenzy liked the cheapest sipper I could find - about $2.00 from Safeway. It has 3 holes, and although the water comes out quite quickly she quickly got the idea. I only ever put a couple of tablespoons of water in it at a time. I then started using a Tommeetippee one, and when she appeared to be succking it, I put her onto a Safeway straw cup, and she loves it. The Health Nurse said the as she is breast fed it doesn't matter so much how much she has as she knows herself when shes had enough. Merry Christmas, and enjoy your bubs Michelle

Mackenzy doesn't have any teeth yet (!!), but does occasionally put her mouth over my arm/leg as if to bite Michelle

Hi, just a quick question - How old are children before that sleep in a cot? Michelle

HI all, I filled empty soft drink bottles with pasta, and another with celephane and foil, and rolled them to Mackenzy, this seemed to encourage her to reach out and soon after she was making movements to get them, and she then crawled. A ball also enmcouraged het movement. MAybe you could give these ideas a go. Michelle