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Hi all - Happy Birthday to all of the racent 1 yr old bubbies! Mackenzy's birthday was last week, and we are STILL celebrating.We had a small party on the Sunday b4 her bday, one that night, and another party planned for this Sunday. It feels like all she is doing is opening pressies since Christmas. Now she'll have to wait a whole year before anything else! She has well and truly got the hang of the unwrapping process. It has been so much fun. She is now taking more and more steps each day, and less crawling. Very cute! Michelle

I don't think your paranoid, simply concerned!! In every "book" that I read, they say that is OK to microwave, so have my health nurses, and as they always seem to be very cautious (sp?) it can't be too bad, I'mnot sure either Sorry - I've been no help to you at all! Michelle

Hi all - only 2 sleeps left!! Elz, I have been trying to decode on a cake for months - and I think I've decided on a Pooh Bear cake also, and I'll get serviettes, plates etc to match. I'm going to have a go at the cake myself (I must be nuts!), I'm not very skilled/crafty/imaginative etc, but I'll have a go. We're not having her party until the 23rd, but on Wednesday night we're having family over, and I'm going to have an ice cream cake - it'll be hot, & she should like it. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO JORDAN - 5 TEETH! Mackenzy only has 1/2 of one!!! What a great idea (banana smoothie), to get them to drink milk. Mack will drink water until it comes out of her ears, and she's only having 1 breastfeed a day, just before bed. She will just let the milk run out her mouth. She eats a lot of cheese, but I've just started thinking that she might need more dairy. Mum tries her on flavoured milk, and she drinks a little, but still not a lot. I started back at work today, in childcare, looking aft...

I wouldn't be without the microwave - I use it all the time. I make sure, though that Itest the food and mix it part way though so it all heats evenly. Michelle

Happy Birthday Dakota! My hubby was 30 yesterday, and I'm trying to get over the 80 odd adults and chn that we entertained last night - thank God for great weather, and a fabulous in ground pool. Mackenzy turns 1 on Wednesday, but we had a small party for family that had travelled for Dan's party, today. I'm getting very excited, and I'm trying to remember all of the things that started happening this time last year. Mackenzy has taken a few steps, and is really stready on her feet, dancing, squatting etc, but just doesn't want to take more than 2 steps at a time. Maybe it'll happen by her special day... Bye! Michelle

Em, congratulations - what great news! We plan to start trying for number 2 before too long. Thanks for the ideas, I'm going to make jellies (with juice) and put them in separate cups, and I'd already thought of the muufins and pikelets. I really like the idea of the shaped sandwiches. Thanks again Michelle

Welcome Steph - love your daughters name (hehehe). You most be looking forward to her 1st birthday - only a few days away! I am planning Mackenzy's birthday party - we're having an afternoon tea/party in a few weeks, and I'm trying to think of food that I can have for other 1 year olds. Does any onehave any good ideas? I'd appreciate them Michelle

Sorry, I forgot to mention something - A lady once told me that for each of her children's Christmases, she has bought a special tree decoration, wrapped it, and put it in a box. She then gave the box full of beautiful decorations to them when they moved out of home, and got their own tree. I bought Mackenzy a beautiful one today. I think it is a great idea, and I wanted to share it! Merry Christmas Michelle

Great idea, I have a pile of pressies for Mackenzy, I can't decide who is giving them to her (us or u know who), and which ones to keep for her b'day in Jan. But tonight I'm making up my mind, and I'll be wrapping them. So while I take them out of the boxes, (and checking for which ones need batteries) and wrapping them I've got some decisions to make.

Hi Brett & Belinda, thought I'd offer a suggestion. I have always (since birth) had books in Mackenzy's toy box. Board books/fabric books and cheaper paper books. I can remember her lying on her beely, well before she could sit, and she could turn the pages as she looked at the pics. Now, she loves to be read to. At this very moment, she is happily pulling a Bryce Courtney book off the book shelf and opening it up - I'd better rescue it. Its all about showing that its fun Michelle