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Hi, I am the mother of a 12 month old little girl, and I returned to work 3 weeks ago (2 days before her bday). Before having bubs, I was a preschool teacher working 40hrs p/week, plus loads of after work stuff to do. I was beginning to hate my job (politics, work load etc,), and so falling preg, came at the best time. We always thought I would return, but no one ever tells you just how much you fall in love with your baby. So, when it came time to make the decision about returning I really didn';t want to go, but financially, I really needed to.We met a compromise, and I now work 3 days p/week, and without thew stress, and workload that I used to have. My daughter is cared for by both sets of GPs, and is extremely happy - which makes everything else seem OK. I could have had her careed for at work, but it would have been too hard for me and her, so I'm glad we have family that could do it for us. I was really dreading going back, and now, although I now get 2 people ready for work...

I had a similar problem, when my daughter was about 4/5 months old, and I drank water by the gallon, and took "Blessed Thistle" capsules from the Health food Store...helped a lot, and it might be worth a go. You could also contact the Breastfeeding Asoc, tghey might have some ideas Good luck Michelle

Tanya, we had a great day! We have only recently gotten grass, after almost 4 years of dirt/dust/mud, we laid turf when we put the pool in. It all happened within 5 weeks before Christmas but it has all been a godsend. It was great to have guests inside the aircond shed, as it was a VERY hot day. Its nice that it is all over though! Have fun in the planning, I did! Michelle

THanks buby, after reading this post, it makes me realize that I'm not the only one in this position, and to be honest, I think that sometimes other mums are not being honest when they brag about how great eveything is with them. Or, maybe not. Will talk again later Michelle

My daughter had a 12 month vaccs today (3 of), and the doc decided to wait a few months before she had her 2nd pneu vacc. She said that she cam have it with the chicken pox vacc.

HI Elz - Happy Birthday Paige!! What a bugger about your oven!! I made a Pooh Bear cake using a Pooh Bear shaped tin, I wasn't sure how much mixture it would take, (nearly 3 pkts), and I thought I had left enough space at the top, but, no, it spilled over whist it was cooking, and then I had to try a ladle it out, so I didn't have burnt cake everywhere in the oven - the things we do!. I am very pleased (and rather proud of myself), with the way the cake turned out. Mackenzy is now walking everywhere, and getting into even more mischief. Within 1 week she took a few steps at a time, and is now fully walking - Paige won't be long I'm sure. We had a great party, it was great to have the bubbies swimming with their dads in the pool, it looked great. I'm really pleased that it is all over though, it was all a lot of fun, but now its time tyo get in the swing of 'normality' (if that exists??!!) Seeya Michelle

We are having a 1st birthday party tomorrow for Mackenzy. We have a pool and a good size shed and yard, so it really doesn't matter what the weather does. Mackenzy loves Pooh Bear, so I found a Pooh Bear cake tin, and I've just got it out of the oven - cross your finger I can decorate it OK!! I got the related plates, serviettes etc also. We're having an a'tea, so foods like rum balls, fairy bread (requested by the adults), party pies, sausage rolls and sandwiches. I've also made jellies from b'current juice in individual cups. We decided on a 3pm party so everyone could be gone by 5:30/6pm, so we can get on with tea. It also fits in with Mackenzy's sleeps. I can't wait!!! Good luck Michelle

having wokrked in Childcare, I have seen this a lot. Try slathering the hair in conditioner (can be the cheap stuff, and leaving for a while. Then using the 'nit comb' comb through the hair. The louse can't stick to the hair with the conditioner. Also, sitting out in the sun is the best way to spot them. Good luck and have fun!! Michelle

In the time that my hubby and I have been together about 6 yrs, I think he has done the dishes maybe a dozen times, never vacuumed, done any general cleaning, and as for the washing, I think he's forgotten where the laundry is. When I came home from hosp (extremely tired and aneamic), he promised he would help out more. Yeah, right. I have recently gone back to work 3 days a week, and part of the deal was that he couldn't go 4wdriving with mates unless me and Mack could go, and as long as he help out. Well, guess where he is today?? and guess what I've been doing all day. Yes, if he does finish work early he will do the dishes - but thats it, and only on the days that I work. He has always loved to bath bubs, but WILL NOT CHANGE A NAPPY, which people always give him a hard time over. I'm tired of the comments we get about it, and I tell people 'he does so much else though', beacuse I feel people think its my fault fo letting him get away with it. Now, all we ever seem to do is argu...

Hi buby, I would suggest you phone an optometrist, if you can, find one that specialises in children, and even try to speak to them on the phone, and I'm sure they will let you know whether it is worth a visit or not. I took my daughter (8/9 months at the time), as I thought she had a turned eye. He did some tests on her, and said she was fine. They bulk billed, which surprised me, so it didn't cost anything! Good luck, let me know how you go. Michelle