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Treylace, I was wondering the same thing! A friend heard that play tents might be next, but I've not heard anything. But we still love the tunnel, and Mackenzy loves watching me shimmy on through it - I'm sorry I started that game!! Michelle

Hi, I know a few children with nut allergies, and thier parents send along some party treats that they know that they can eat to each party. They said this works well. I guess it comes down to communicating with other parents about the allergy and how severe it can be, but letting them know that there are foods that they can eat just like other children. Perhaps invite a couple of children and their parent/s to your place, a park etc, where you supply appropriate food. This will help them to get to know you better, and vice versa. Also, depending on your child's age, it's important to educate him. Hope this helps Michelle

Thank you Huggies, for responding to my messages re wipes a few months ago. I sent back some (maybe 10) wipes, and this week I received a full 240 pack - much appreciated, but not expected. Customer service is fantastic - great job. You are keeping your customers very happy. Thanks again, Michelle

Hi, my initial thought was to suggets the Heinz cereal - my 16mth old loves it, and its probab;y the best meal she has all day!!, but I've also tried Weet bix every now and then. I have also found a type of weetbix called "Good Start" by Sabitarium. They have oats, bran, and are sweetened with honey, so they are a bit tastier than the other weet bix. You could also try cheese on toast - a bit hit here. Good luck Michelle

Hi Calebsmum, I also noticed the change in the size of the wipes a few months ago,and I posted a question about it on the site. Huggies got back to me (by email), and told me that this was the way they were now made (overseas), and I was assured that the quality was still the same, and a comparison was made to another brand. However, recently, I have noticed that many of the wipes have an extra piece (completely separate to the wipe) that sits on top of the fold (I hope this makes sense), which, I think, if was added to the end would be about the same as the original wipe size.Hmmmm I'm not sure what is going on. It's really annoying when you're trying to wipe a pooing bum on a wriggling child and you have to pull this piece off. And yes, I have had trouble with the new nappies tabs tearing off as well. Michelle

The way I see it, is that it is a competition, and the girls were within their right to gang up on Fran. I'm sure Ch 7 intended something to happen whilst they were all in the same room, and with the cameras on. It is all about strategy. Good on them. I didn't like either in Brisbane anyway. Michelle

Hi Dette, we had already changed groups, the first group for this term was right in the middle of Mack's sleep time..and the first lesson was a waste of time, she was nearly asleep on my shoulder. In that group, the level of half of the group was even higher than the one we are in now!! Anyway, I have decided to give it a miss this term, and we'll take it up again later in the year. Mackenzy was 9 months when we started, and I found this a great age as she had started to understand a lot of what we were telling her to do. Michelle

Hi all, my mum also comes with me to swimming lessons - I don't even take her into the change room, mum and I dry and dress her on towels on the floor in the pool area - there are normally older kids running around, and mums letting them do it. It's slippery etc, so I've found his to be the best option. Another query though...Mackenzy is 16 mths old, and we have just started our 3rd term of lessons. Last term I found that she was the only child in our group that had even been in a pool before, let alone already having had 1 term of lessons. That was OK because I wanted to reinforce all that we had already learnt. We have an inground pool, so I could practse with her at home also.This term, we have a diffeent teacher, and are ikn a group with a child about 5 mths younger, ad 2 chn who are about 6 months olde, and their skills are at a very different stage to Mack's. This week she was not interested very much, would not go to the instructor, and wouldn't try the things that were kn...

Hi Aimee, I have worked in child care centres for about 7 yrs, and have seen h/f/mouth about 4 times, so it is not too common, and it is not a new condition. If you are worried, ask your centre for any info they have (they should have an infectious diseases manual). When diseases such as this pop up, the staff in the centre are very careful about washing mouthed toys etc, so the risk of cross infection is reduced.Good on you for being conscious about it! Michelle

Hi all - Gee, how slack have we (I've) been!! Thought I'd add a post to see if any one is still out there. After reading the past posts, I can't believe how much has happened since Jan/Feb. Mack is 16mths old this week, and I've counted about 100 words that she can say (with recognition to an object), and she understands so many more. She is getting cheekier each day, & is loved more everyday. Since she was born, I have always said "Mumma loves ya, & Dadda loves ya" when I put her to bed. The other night I did this, and as I walked out of her room she said "Mumma, Dadda, Sash (dog), Nanna, Patch (Nan & G'dads bird!!), Gnda (G'dad). Now we say to her "Mumma/Dadda loves ya....who else loves you?"...and she goes on and says a variety of people she regularly sees. ADORABLE! I am working 3 days, which isn't too bad. Mack's both set of g'ps are able to look after her, so I don't have to pay for c-care...I work in c-care, & I don't think it would have been fair to have her there. Anyway, ...