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not yet, but I am off to work though. If I wasn't going anywhere, yes, it would be on!

Thanks Jade and Chelle for organising the whole thing - I don't doubt for one minute that it has been a horrid nightmare for you both. I have sat back and enjoyed reading the "thank you's" that have gone out once people have received their gift, and it appears that those who did make the effort have really put a lot of thought into the gift giving. So, you both need to be very pleased that on the whole it has been a success. Sure, some have spoiled it for others, but that it beyond your control, and it is really not worth the worry. Don't let these few spoil your outlook, and I hope that you both have a very Merry Christmas Michelle xx

Me. But please cross me off the list, as it really doesn't matter

Haven't received mine yet either But I participated to make someone else's day a little brighter and I am hoping that has been achieved

Thanks for that...I had been wondering about whether she'd received it or not.

proudmumdd06bump09 was the person I sent my gift to, do you know if she got it? Michelle

I have a slightly different question.... This morning I was talking to a friend, whose little girl, 6, should be given the all clear, and be in remission in January. She has been through a few rounds of chemo, and each time her hair has grown back just a little. Anyway, now that she has finished the chemo, she has her 'chemo curls', and has gotten through kids teasing her etc etc for looking like a boy - really heartbreaking stuff. Fast forward to this week - her hair has started falling out again. It seems that it is not very common for this to happen so long after chemo has been finished. So, on Tuesday night, after her preschool concert, they'll shave her head, and pray that it starts to grow back before she starts school next year. How unfair is this!! I want to do something for her, and I thought of getting a funky bandanna for her - Elisa (or anyone else), do you know where I could get one - or what is something else i can do to make this little angel smile again? Michelle

My assistant at work has cancer, and has had several surgeries to remove tumours iver the last 2 or 3 years. 3 weeks ago they discovered more, and thankfully she is now in hospital, just having had a lastest removed. She has chosen not to have chemo, and so the kids at work have not seen her ill. it hit home to us, and the kids just this week as it has been our week of concerts/parties etc, and although the asst told the children she wouldn't be coming back, they were confused about where she was. I kept the explaining very simple, and the children did drawings for her, and we sent the class toy to her at the hospital. By all accounts these things cheered her on a very low day. Kids are smart, and I think we need to respect their need for answers, and to give them answers that are not so 'grown up' that they will become overly concerned, but ones that you know they will understand. Michelle

Holy Crapola. That sums it up I think. The mods are very trigger happy this morning and have completely ruined what was a lovely gesture by 2 members to organise something that would brighten the Christmas of others. Anyway girls, I haven't received my gift yet, and my recipient hasn't sent hers yet. BUT, don't worry about my gift - I enjoyed the giving (although the recipient hasn't been kind enough to acknowledge the gift), and really, that's what it is all about. I want to wish you both a Merry Christmas and thank you for the hours that you have spent making this happen. The mods - and some members - have made this very difficult, but you did it with kindness in your hearts. Merry Christmas to you and yours xxx Michelle

I haven't received my gift yet either, but I'm not too bothered - it's the giving that means the most to me about Christmas ]