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We had a pretty quiet day....although we are all a little sore and worn out from the Wii that we..ooops, I meant Mackenzy got LOL It has been on since around 8am, and has just gone off. It was just the 3 of us for lunch, as I haven't spoken to many members of my family since last Christmas. Which is quite sad, and does upset me quite a lot. So, all bar us had lunch at my sisters house, and my brother didn't even bother with gifts for Mackenzy. That shites me no end. Mum and Dad did come for tea....but all of the effort that I put in was a little wasted as they'd had a huge lunch. So. We have the in-laws coming tomorrow for lunch, with a few staying over (fun....not) so I have cooked all day for them. Can't wait for it to be over. But, after that whinge we have had a nice day, and of course Mackenzy has been spoiled rotten, and for the most part, she is unaware of anything going on with the family. Merry Christmas everyone, and I hope you've had a lovely day ]

Don't think that you have to drink to be social......My DH very, very, very rarely drinks (unusual I know). but he still manages to have a good time regardless. I have the occasional drink, and enjoy it, but I don't think it changes the way I enjoy myself. Otherwise - I can't really recommend anything to start with.....maybe a sweet wine?? Michelle

I saw and heard what the guy said, and I have to say I thought he was pretty calm compared to the way I would have gone off at her. No doubt in my mind that she deserves to be charged. No doubt at all.

A few months ago DD and I were in the line at Safeway. An elderly who was being served dropped a $2 coin. DD picked it up and gave it to her. The lady said how thoughtful and kind she was, and gave her 50 cents. Mackenzy still talks about it, and how "I didn't expect it!! It was just the right thing to do!! She was old, and couldn't reach it herself!" My dad does a lot of welfare work for St Vinnies, and does a lot of things for many people out of his own pocket. Mum told me about a man that Dad regularly sees, and Dad has organised a BBQ chook and roast vegies from the chicken shop for Christmas day. Another family that he helps out a lot came into town (from a farm that is struggling through the drought) and dropped off 2 pork chops for Mum and Dad(from her brother who killed some for Christmas) and a basket of homemade a thanks to Mum and Dad who have supported them through various ways for many years. THAT is what Christmas is all about. Michelle

Sounds very yummy Is it suitable to freeze? Michelle

Morning All I am wanting to make a pavlova for Boxing Day. How far before can I make it (just the meringue) and then decorate on the day? And would I store it in an air tight container in the pantry - or fridge. Usually I would make it the day before, but I don't really want to make it Christmas Day. Thanks! Michelle

I have to say a huge public thankyou to "2CheekyMonkeys" AKA Amanda for being so very thoughtful and sending me a gift, which my KK didn't get around to doing. I don't think Amanda was on the KK list at all, but I received a wonderful gift from her, so THANKYOU Amanda ]

I am very sad to hear this. There is actually a children's book called "TOBY" and it is about a goldie who dies. We have goldies, and I can't read the book to the kids at work, as I get very upset. But, it may explain it to your kids well. Good luck xx We lost one of our goldies around 3 years ago....Mackenzy was around 3. We explained to her that Sasha was very sick, and she wasn't going to get better. We took her to the vet, and told M, tht usually vets will help to make animals better, but this time the vet would help Sash to die, asshe was too sick and sore to be alive anymore. OMG I am crying just remembering this. This was a simple explanation. Make sure you get plenty of phtos of you dog with the kids - this will help them 'remember'. Michelle

Many thanks to my very special secret santa My gift arrived today, but this is the first chance I've had to get on - actually we've had no power due to storms, so I couldn't get on the computer. Anyway, Mackenzy was simply delighted to recieve a special gift, thank you so much! and we will both enjoy soaking in the bath. You have chosen things that I would have chosen myself, thank you very much. Thanks you for thinking of me, and stepping in to do this. You have shown the true meaning of Christmas. Many thanks again. Now, I think I know who you are......

Oh, Mel. What a sweetie you..and another special mum are. I wasn't initially to bothered by not receiving a gift. I knew that there was bound to be someone to miss out, and it happened to be me. BUT. What does shite me is that the person I sent a gift to, and who has received it, is the person that I was to receive from. A thank you would have surficed, and I would have been none the wiser about my gift. If for some reason this person has had some kind of mis-fortune occur, I do hope that everything is ok. As for someone else buying for me.....well that truly is a most generous thing to do. It is unnecessary, as I was happy with simply giving. But, a big THANKYOU to you Thanks Mel, and please pass my thanks on xxxx Michelle