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Simply awful news. Another angel flying in the heavens My thoughts are with Jess and her family xx

Fabulous news Ricki! Well done!! 10lb sheesh!!

I am very lucky to say that I live in my dream home - we built it ourselves, and I don't think there is anything I would change

Thanks girls!! Having a lovely time.....just about to head off to the movies ] Thanks for your kind wishes xx

No worries Amanda! Recognition is the most important bit at this stage - it takes a lot of fine motor control to form letters, and your DD has a variety of letter shapes to be able to make. You could make up some play dough and help her to make the letters (have her name written down to refer to), write her name of a large sheet of card and glue confetti or other small collage bits on ect - anything that you can think of involving using her fingers will help develop the fine motor skills, and then in turn will help the writing part. xx

Hi Amanda, The others are right, always teach the name in the correct way, uppercase for the first letter, and the rest in lower case. I find with the kids that I work with it is good to write their name for them in large writing, and then either laminate or put the paper in a plastic sleeve, and then give them a white board marker - then they can trace over their names, and have a go at copying. Its a great age to start ] Love Michelle xx

We have a brand new kitchen - Electrolux dishwasher, induction cooktop, oven and rangehood. I love them!! Our fridge is F&P and quite a large one, I like the design of the F&P over other brands. I love my kitchen!

My DD has night terrors, and she doesn't remember anything the next day, or even after she 'snaps' out of it. I would say he's had a nightmare, and if he has trouble going to sleep tonight, or mentions it leading up to bed time, I would do as PP has said and 'spray' for them, or convince him you've done a complete check. Good luch

My last 10 years.... We bought our first home New Years Day 2001 Dh and I got engaged - nine years ago today! Marriage Mackenzy was born Demolished house Lived in our shed Built new house (that took a big chunck out of 10 yrs!) Worked hard in an ordinary job to pay the bills Lost 2 grandparents and 2 aunts Started a job I had worked 10 years to achieve....still there Saw Mackenzy begin school I guess they are the bigger things...but I have made friendships and let some go.....I have realised that the opinions of others may be valid for them, but not always for me. I am hoping that 2010 will bring me more contentment in my working life (otherwise you'll find me at Aldi!), and I learn not to sweat th small stuff so much. Happy New Year everyone }

Manda, I think we get all caught up in the hype that NYE. We never do an awful lot, but we are just back from the trots, and although the friends we had lined up coupldn't make it, the 3 iof us went. We ran into other, much older friends and we spent the night with them. We are now home waiting for the fireworks, and for the dogs to go ballistic! Its not exactly how I thought I would celebrate it (it never is), but keep in mind the achievements you have had this year - you have really made some huge steps for you and your girls. Be proud and have another glass of wine! You are with your 2010 will be your years Love Michelle Edited as I think I've had too many wines! [Edited on 31/12/2009]