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BinkyB replied to topic Dual Cab Utes & Car Seats

Tahnee74 - we have triton dual cab 2010 model and looking to put 3 seats across back... wondered which seats you ended up using. We have a 4.5 yr old in a booster, a 3 year old in a convertible boo...

Monday 24 February 01:32am

BinkyB replied to topic How to get ds2 to sleep with no dummy?

For my first baby I spent ages patting stroking etc him in his cot. He had a special bear for bed time only. I used the same comforting words when leaving each time - like "it's time for sleep...

Tuesday 15 January 12:05am

BinkyB replied to topic Saying: “Use your words” to a toddler isn’t always helpful

I used to get right down at DS1's level and quietly say, "come and have a chat to Mummy" when his emotions were escalating, or when he seemed to be too overwhelmed to get his message across. I wou...

Wednesday 18 January 12:34pm

BinkyB replied to topic Childless and Younger Midwives

I had a better birthing experience with my first child, attended by a more mature midwife who had had children herself. My second birthing experience was still good (a little rough in some respec...

Saturday 26 November 05:14am

BinkyB replied to topic Water birth and tearing.

Would suggest tearing has more to do with other things than waterbirthing or not. DS1 - waterbirth - minor 'grazing', I believe due to excellent guidance from Midwife re: slow controlled pushing,...

Saturday 26 November 05:00am

BinkyB replied to topic Has anyone Delayed cord clamping?

I had bub in the tub at a birthing centre. I sat back and relaxed with bub in the tub after delivering while the cord pulsed out. I have no idea about the amount of time that took, but it couldn't ...

Sunday 25 April 02:02am

BinkyB started new topic Adverse Reaction to Flu Vaccine

Please report adverse reaction to your GP! With the recent news of an apparent spike in adverse reactions in bubs to the seasonal flu vacc (seemingly focussed in WA), and the advice from authoriti...

Saturday 24 April 11:03pm
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