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ksb22 replied to topic Age gap between children..

I agree with what others said in regards to individuality. My two are 22 months apart. I think i'm on the fence and 50% of the time wish id had a bigger age gap and other times its really cute...

Friday 31 January 09:38am

ksb22 replied to topic New Weekly Huggies Forum Promotion! Win a Winnie the Pooh play tunnel! (15th Aug12)

For breastfeeding info: 1: How extremely emotional and sensitive you can be in the weeks after the birth, baby blues can be an understatement!!!...

Wednesday 15 August 08:21pm

ksb22 replied to topic Things no one told you would happen After your baby was born....

and whats with all the gripes about a post like this? its a great way for expectant parents to find out what may or may not come there way! If they don't want to hear others experiences then why wo...

Monday 23 July 07:24am

ksb22 replied to topic well I officially lost it at my MIL.

Good on you for standing up for yourself!! Hehe, theres just this wonderful feeling of almost relief when you let off pent up steam at the in-laws. I have done it myself in the past and gotta say I...

Tuesday 27 March 07:53pm

ksb22 replied to topic Due Sept 2012

Hey VeronicaMC, last pregnancy at 14 weeks I had a bleed. I was sitting at work and felt a dripping sensation down below and went to toilet to check and found it was bright red blood, as I was sitt...

Sunday 26 February 09:50pm

ksb22 replied to topic midwife??????????

I have Vicki de Grut from Halswell Village Midwives, and she is lovely and really supportive!

Monday 13 February 07:17am

ksb22 replied to topic Pre-eclampsia

I developed PE at 39 weeks, was monitered and decided to induce at 40 weeks on due date. Had the gel and went in to labour first try. Had a 5hr labour. I had to have BP medication for about a mont...

Monday 13 February 06:58am

ksb22 replied to topic Should i lay a complaint about my birth?

Hi there, Firstly, congrats on your birth!!! I'd definitely lay a complaint, I was induced due to pre-eclampsia. After the birth they had to moniter my blood pressure every 3 hours and once rele...

Monday 23 January 05:33am

ksb22 replied to topic Due Sept 2012

Hi everyone, I'm five weeks pregnant, due 17th September. This will be our second child. I have been feeling nauseous in the evenings but also getting (right now) fairly strong achy pain in my che...

Tuesday 17 January 01:39pm

ksb22 replied to topic St Georges Hospital - Christchurch

Yay!!!!!! I would be guttered if they didn't reopen. Thanks for your replies

Saturday 14 January 07:28am

ksb22 started new topic St Georges Hospital - Christchurch

Just found out bub #2 is on the way and was wondering if anyone knows if St George's is going to reopen? I went to Burwood last time but have since moved and its now too far away

Saturday 14 January 06:43am

ksb22 started new topic Nervous about having second bub

My DH and I already have a DS and are planning to have a 2nd child, however I feel pretty nervous about going through the pregnancy and first 6mths again. Does everyone feel like this when plannin...

Monday 03 October 07:45pm

ksb22 started new topic Fisher Price walker-to-wagon

I just bought a Fisher Price Walker-to-wagon today and assembled it. Just wondering if anyone who has one can tell me whether one of the back wheels is meant to make a clicking noise when it moves?...

Wednesday 14 September 08:32pm

ksb22 replied to topic 9 month old not drinking much milk

My DS started drinking less at 9 mths also, probably about 300 -350mls a day in total at a guess (hard to say as he never drinks the whole bottle). As jeanetteandbub also said I too was also told s...

Saturday 13 August 01:04am

ksb22 replied to topic Avent Breast Pump Breaking

I had a manual Avent breast pump also. I don't know whether it was me or not either but after two months it seemed to lose suction. I tried swapping over parts but nothing worked. Admittedly at the...

Friday 29 July 05:05am

ksb22 replied to topic Being Induced

Hi there, I was induced at 40 weeks due to developing pre-eclampsia. I was given the choice of balloon or gel. I chose the gel as the nurse said the balloon might not work and then I'd end up gett...

Tuesday 26 July 10:27pm

ksb22 replied to topic Trust

I think it depends on the cheating. I don't think you ever fully lose that sliver of doubt but you can get past the cheating. Mine was fairly minor on the scale, and very early on in the relationsh...

Monday 25 July 06:25am

ksb22 replied to topic feeling very lost :(

Hi there, sorry to hear you're feeling unhappy Have you discussed with your ex what you both expect during your time apart. Perhaps if you were able to sit down and sort out some expectations, suc...

Monday 25 July 05:46am

ksb22 replied to topic BFN - how early did you get a positive?

It can also depend on what contraception she was using. In my case I was on the Depo injection. My doctor warned me it would take on average 6mths for depo to wear off and another six months to get...

Monday 25 July 05:33am

ksb22 replied to topic Do you find teething worse at night time?

My son is also coming up 10 months and is currently getting four top teeth all at once. I also find he gets worse at night. I figure its due to them worrying them during the day and so they get mor...

Monday 25 July 05:24am
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